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Flat Design Trends and Freebie Flat Infographic elements template

Flat design was a trend, but since the beta release of iOS7 you hear it really anywhere: Flat design. In other words: No realistic textures, no shadows and no depth. It delivers very sleek and trendy design, but does this minimalist style contain sufficient clarity and distinction? What is the urge for flatness and will it be everywhere?


Microsoft continued in 2004 with their Media Center the first steps , but caught only the first blows to the launch of Windows Phone 7 . Now that Windows 8 is over for this style, we hear only growing criticism . The reason : too much simplicity creates a loss of clarity . Of course it is better than it was and there are certainly advocates , but Microsoft has done what no one expected : too fast , too far. Even an invisible start button was not crazy enough !


Google flat design
Google had always been a simple style , but very tight and it was not pretty . In recent years , Google has been slow. However their core products recently has been polished to an “almost flat” design . Only the main buttons and popups have some depth . A very good example of a transformation without loss of identity.


Apple flat design
Last in the row even Apple recently stepped down from the realism and skeuomorphism. But design king Sir Jony Ive is not completely flat. iOS7 operates with depth by simulating of semi- transparent glass. Apple Icons have already lost their depth and are limited to just a text or an icon .

Why ?

But why even Apple , the master of realistic design , back to flat? They claim themselves that it’s simplicity. It should be a good flat design: certainly has a quieter and simpler look.No, but static. iPhone and iPad are a few fixed screen sizes ,in which flat design fits perfectly. Those fixed screen sizes are becoming increasingly dynamic and popular ” responsive design ” is difficult to mix with the hyperrealism of Apple. In short, they need to be .
The flexible screen sizes are also going beyond mobile and tablet . Google will also apply flat design in their Glasses. Microsoft has already Tiles the size of a paving stone in their Surface and Apple will want to carry the same style in their iWatch and iTV that both for a while list rumors.
Users have become accustomed to touch devices and an Internet where virtually everything is clickable . Buttons do not need anymore to be “fancy”, because we already clicking anywhere as long as it does not looks like an ad . The disadvantage of this argument is that the growing – but less experienced – older target audience is forgotten .

Flat design everywhere?

With these reasons, the result is that everyone going for flat interfaces , but it seems that is not too bad ! If a site or app is not very complex, it can still have quite a bit more depth and hip look like . Especially for products that appeal to emotion is even more important not to be flat . For example, Snickers has a good responsive site that is certainly not flat. For those who want more depth , is a 3d site options even more extreme…

Flat Design Free Infographic Elements Template

Infographics has been always a reflection of current design trends.Not surprisingly more and more infographic lovers implementing flat design into their data visualization projects. If you like new flat design trends and looking for a flat psd elements, here is the free flat design infographic elements template. Feel free to download it!
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