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Why use infographics in 2015 – infographic


Infographics or information graphics today are very popular in all areas of writing, whether it comes to marketing, public relations or journalism. Infographic, in a nutshell, is the visual presentation of information, data and various forms of knowledge. Commonly used for enormous amounts of information, which are mostly supported by reliable statistics, in a simple and fast way to display modern user / reader who often does not have much time to read long and extensive texts, but wants easier to find out some basic information.

Infographic is an integral part of the information design. The purpose of the information design, is the presentation of complex problems to users in a simple and effective way.

What infographics provides to us?

  • simplifies complex data or processes
  • ” heavy ” information is converted into innovative content that attracts attention
  • is useful for sharing on social networks, thus replacing the bare text messages
  • has a greater significance for the algorithms that determine what we will find in the search engines and social networks

Many companies underestimate the power of infographics, giving them less importance than blogs and tweets to raise their brands. Infographic can significantly help with a couple of useful ways regarding its use in promoting your ideas, business or brand. So, start using infographics. All your stories, different types of data that surround you and your business, simply turn the infographic. Use the infographic as a slider which includes various elements of infographics. Make your infographic as attractive and interesting videos. Given the fact that Youtube channel is second most used search engine (after Google), video contents justify its importance and effectiveness. Use infographic to attract users / audience towards your related facilities of high importance, such as surveys with the ability to download or some other articles and publications.

Infographic provides the ability to create long-term value of the brand as well as numerous opportunities to win and retain your customers / users / readers / audience. And of course, do not limit yourself to one distribution channel. Use all available channels. Start today through social networks, and watch the results. Adopt the ways to make you people noticed, and most importantly, remember.

Below is infographic about Why use infographics in 2015, check it out: