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How to Start a Photography Blog


Many people like to take pictures of people and events around them. Some do a little or a lot better than others, and some deal with it professionally or semi-professional. Whatever your motives for doing photography, it would be desirable that you can share your work with the rest of the world, and there is no simpler way than making photography blog.

If you follow our few tips, your photo will in a very short time come across numerous visitors, and therefore the numerous compliments, comments and criticisms that will certainly help to further improve your skills and enrich your hobby. The first step is of course to create a blog, and then …

1. Regularly add new photos

The ideal would be every day to add something new, but given that it is a hobby, this rate is unrealistic. Publication of the new photos at least twice a week is what we should strive, and even if you are not anything new photographed, again viewing the archive will discover some neglected gems to the visitors.

2. Links

Ask links to other photo blogs. It is an investment in the future, in a very short time other people will link to your blog. If this does not happen, it’s always nice to someone to give good advice or information about attractive photography  blog.

3. Respect

It is important to show respect to visitors of the blog and other bloggers. Nobody likes insults and quarrels, the same rules apply in the real and virtual world.

4. Do not deviate from the subject

Keep a photo blog, bloggers probably will not want to read about other things. Visitors of the blog want to see photos, text that appears to them should be in the service of description of the photo, a brief, clear and precise.

5. Write simply

Do not complicate the text that describes the image or complements the images, they must be in the forefront, briefly and clearly described. Write language understandable to all, without a lot of photo geek terms.

6. Size Matters

No one likes to watch photos postage in stamp size. Set a large photo on the blog that visitors can enjoy every detail.

7. It’s better to be robbed than unknown

Many photo bloggers are concerned about the theft of his pictures where someone could make money and raise the threat to the blog. Do not threaten and do not place small and mutilated photos because your blog will be completely uninteresting. It is better that someone occasionally use your photos by your license, but that no one ever sees it. Place the watermark on the photos that will not destroy the picture, but will show that it is yours, and if someone use it as such, will only raise your popularity.

8. Follow blog visits

Be careful how much people visit your blog and what is the most popular on it, because you will in the future be able to work on an even better attendance, and you will get good feedback on what visitors feel good, because it will rarely leave comments.

Below you can check infographic with more tips about how to start a photography blog: