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How To Start A Blog That Makes Money

How to start a blog that makes monex

blog that makes money

Creating a blog can be really fun, but did you knew that you can also monetize your blog and start earning money from it? Blog is really great way to earn profit on a long term. And you can write about stuff you care about and like. But, this is not just plug and play business or quick way to get rich. If that is what you aim for, this is not for you. Like with every job online, you can make money but nothing is guaranteed. People who tell you the other way are not being honest. The amount of profit you make only depends on your efforts and 100% on you. The biggest difference between working online and going to the work is that, if you do this right way, it will continue to make you profit for many years to come. So how all of this will work?

Blog requires hard work

When you write post, those posts are worth more over time cause search engines are catching and finding articles you wrote. So as months are passing by, your website is going to get more traffic and credibility. But of course, sometimes like this doesn’t just happen overnight. It requires hard work and persistence from you, but in the end it really pays off. Many people succeed because they are committed and serious, so they are free to go from their corporate jobs and do this full time.

having blog that makes money

You got to find new home for your fresh blog. It’s where you will publish, write or manage. Choose the topic or topics you will write. The best ones are topics you are passionate about. Or something you believe would be of a big interest to others.  Ask yourself who’s your audience? Keep in mind that there are millions of different blogs, so it’s very important that you find niche that is not yet exploited to the fullest and then you can target and draw in your audience. Visit some of the most popular blogs on the internet. You can learn a lot from those blogs if you pay attention to their design and what its all about.

Blog domain

Choose the title of your blog and domain name. This is identity of your brand, so with that, you can let your visitors know what they can be expecting from blog. Title and domain name are important for attracting profit and web traffic. Select a good keyword, because search engines are working through SEO. Choosing extension for your blog is also very important. Go after .net, .com or .org cause they are the of most known extensions and will probably drive more traffic to your blog. There are few of most popular platforms for blogging, and most used are WordPress or Blogger. Going with these two is recommended cause they make monetizing easy. Design your blog in a way that it’s going to reflect your blogs image. Everything is important, from color to font choices, every element of it has to be consistent.

Tips on how to maintain blog

Its not just enough to be a good writer, but you need to have interesting content that will make your visitors come back to your blog. They have to feel they’re getting something out from it. Be professional in every field, doesn’t matter if your blog is about personal life or something else, don’t center content on yourself but on your readers. You can have best content on blogs, but if visitors can’t recognize it the moment they read it, its not worth it cause they will not click on it. So create catchy headlines. Create them in a way that readers will think they have to discover something. Market your blog, try twisting methods or spinning, as you need to have something that will make you stand out from crowd. Be interesting and different. Every day almost 10 thousand people are starting new business online, and almost 90% of them fail. The biggest reason is that in the end it doesn’t makes any money. So you have to attract lots of visitors, but if you even get 100,000 of them its nothing if you can’t monetize it. You will be just like other people that lost their money.