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Blog Infographic – Why You Should Be Writing a Blog?

Infographic About Blog

Are you asking yourself “Why you should be writing a Blog?” If that’s the case , then I suggest you take a look to this infographic. CopyPress has made ​​infographic below to explain how blogging helps you to generate more visitors, leads and get more traffic.
The infographic shows that companies that blogging per month receive 55% more visitors . This is mainly because they have something to say and their articles are shared through various online channels . Consumers are increasingly looking online for answers to their questions and articles are an excellent way to provide solutions. In addition, companies with 51-100 pages on their website generate 48% more traffic than companies with only 1-50 pages. A website that consists of only a few pages are less interesting for both visitors and search engines . Each article or blog counts namely as a separate page and is indexed by the search engines, such as Google or Bing .Each article is considered an opportunity to receive a potential new customer to your blog. The more content is present on your blog, the greater the chance that this leads to new visitors. Further, the infographic shows that when the number of articles increased from 11-20 to 21-50 per month , your website traffic increases by 45%. According to infographic, when a company posts 15 or more articles per month , this generates five times more traffic to your blog. This fact is especially important for smaller companies, which are blogging regularly.

Blog Posts Generates More Leads

Of course, more traffic towards your blog is good, but even better if this also translates into more leads . The infographic shows that more blog posts generates more traffic and it converts into more leads. Companies that are writing a blog generates 88% more leads per month .Increasing blog posts number from 3-5 per month to 6-8 per month, will double the number of leads.
When a company blog has 100 or more articles ,the chances are very high, that this company products will continue to generate leads. Websites with more than 200 articles have up 5 times more leads than sites with 10 or fewer blog posts.

Blog Posts Helps to Improve Social Media Marketing

Social media profiles and pages are usually taken not seriously and people not willing generate sales via social media. However, it is highly recomended to create your own social chanel. More and more companies already have a Twitter account or Facebook page , but often miss valuable information they can share with their followers. Blogging can help as you will have something to say on your social media profiles.It helps when you are distributing your blog articles through Twitter. According to the infographic by doing so, traffic towards your website greatly increases. Tweeting to 51-100 followers traffic increases by 106% compared with 25 or less followers. Therefore is important to share interesting information with your followers, this will allow your business grow more quickly.As infographic explains, when you have 1000 or more fans on your Facebook page , the traffic towards your website increases by as much as 185% . It should be noted that this also depends on how active you are on Facebook and what information you share there. If you share links to interesting content, this leads not only to the greater number of followers but also increases the number of potential leads. Social media is an excellent place to interact with your (potential ) customers and provide them valuable information. If they share your content on their network , the number of visitors and potential leads will only increase further.

A Blog has Many Benefits

Of course, blogging takes a lot of time , but this blog infographic shows that it produces long-term return . The articles that you post on your own blog are in fact owned by you and will therefore always generate direct traffic towards your website. If you do not have time to write articles , you can also outsource this to a copywriter or media agency.