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The Importance of Good Photography on Web Sites


Photography on web sites is extremely important in improving sales through the website and therefore it is important to choose it wisely. According to usability tests, images attract much attention. Therefore, if you are using the right images, it will increase the conversion on the site and better connect you to your target group.

People on the web are not like robots without emotion, on the web you need to communicate with people on an emotional way and show your authentic face. Today, users on the Internet want to feel the true face of the people behind these websites. Photos should clearly communicate your product or service and communicate the value that the customer can get by using your product. Avoid irrelevant messages. Your text and visual communication should be clear and focused. If you sell products for weight loss, do not post a picture happy families who consume the product, set before and after pictures to show the results that the customer may realize.

It is important that images are relevant and support the goal of your website. If the aim is that the user purchases a product, it is important that the images clearly show the product,that they can zoom in and see from all angles for better user experience because this is important when deciding on a purchase. If you are selling software then show how the software looks in action (eg. Mailchimp).

So choosing an photos depends on what you have to offer, it is important that images clearly communicate what you have to offer or communicate benefit to your potential customer to get your product. Do not choose images that you think that will make your page more beautiful, but select images for what they communicate about value of your offer.

Below you can check photos for download:

Planning with devices

High angle view of people meeting at table and working with laptops and touchpads. Download here.


Cheerful discussion

Business people laughing together at meeting. Download here.


Designers at discussion

Group of people communicating in studio. Download here.



Couple with a map outdoors. Download here.


Young manager

Young man showing information to colleagues. Download here.


Casual discussion

Workers sitting at table with their devices and communicating. Download here.


Digital Online Shop Commerce Market Office Concept

Download here.


Man Applying for a Job on the Internet

Download here.