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How Much Does It Take To Build An App

build an app


If you just woke up with an awesome idea of creating app that has never been done before and you have a feeling it’s gonna be very popular, this can be your starting point for a great project. Don’t have fear if you never done this before, it’s possible to transform your imaginative ideas into real app on smartphone screen. First you must think about purpose of your application, what is at its core and if it’s going to help someone to live life better or solve some problems. You got to have clear vision from start to finish. Most important part for you is just to get started and adapt strategy that suits you best, it’s going to help you build an app faster.  If you can’t do this on your own with team try to hire real professional designer that will help you, there’s a big list of them online and you can see their portfolios and hire one who’s design you like most.

build an app

Start putting down foundation with sketching for your new future interface. If you have people working for you in your team it can help them too to better understand the mission, try to present them with first rough sketches. Before you start on your new project make a good research to see if there are apps that offer similar things you are. If you can, find the one app where you will take your inspiration from. Even though in your head it looks like revolutionary idea for app, don’t get your hopes crushed because there are over 1 million apps on the market, so creating app that no one has done before sometimes seems almost impossible task to do. But don’t get discouraged and give up, instead focus on your own project and try to learn from mistakes other people do, forget all other things.

There are many websites where other creative users showcase their talented work and get feedback from artists, this can be also your favorite place when searching for new design or ideas. One of best market place for designers is called Dribbble, be sure to check that one.

When you decided starting points for your app it’s time to consider how it’s going to be monetized on market. It’s very important to determine how to approach users that you targeting to reach. Will you charge users for downloading app or giving it for free? If you want to sell your app you must register developer account so you could sell it through their platform. While you’re building your app you will want to see and refine every detail. A good page where you can monitor your app all the way to final process is TestFlight.


When you want to follow analytics of how much your app has been downloaded there’s a free online tool which will help you and it’s called Flurry. Create story and wireframe of your app which means creating mockup. You can find many mockup sites online which can help you, most popularly used are HotGloo, Moqups and Balsamiq. The idea of making mockup is understanding how your app is functioning and how users are gonna navigate it. Before application is released on the web, you can give app to your close friends so they can test it and tell you back what needs to be fixed.

When your application is finally uploaded online, you can see behavior of customers and get feedback. I think that in a world where we are all connected with smartphones, this is a great opportunity to make name for yourself, help others and make lot of money, doesn’t matter if you’re creating apps for iOS or Android, turning your idea into reality is huge.

Below you can check infographic which shows the whole process and how much does it really take to build an app: