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Build Your Business With Google + Communities


The importance of social network involvement of every business has already been proven in many occasions. Facebook, Linkedin and many other social media can improve the performance of your business concepts on so many levels, but lets talk about Google + Communities as another asset in this endeavor. Putting aside all the prejudice about Google +, we have to give it a thumbs up for it’s sophistication and for coming in second in the world’s largest social network race. This is a feature of Google + that has been a bit overlooked until now, but undoubtedly has quite the potential. Take a look:


By creating groups under Google + Communities you support a gateway for users to approach and engage in subjects of your mutual interest. So, you now provide your customers with a platform for interactive discussions, and thus building relationships among them and also with them. Through Google + Communities you can put relevant information at disposal of targeted people and markets.

Besides sharing information, you can share posts of various content, or present simple ideas or comments on a product or service. By commenting and sharing with the public, you make the brand of your choice alive and active, increasing brand awareness.

Now before you get ahead of yourself, there are a few things to bare in mind before starting your own community. First of all, come up with a suitable headline. The optimal headline should be concise with a touch of catchy in it, making it recognizable and authentic. Once you have your ideal headline choose wisely when selecting a cover photo  and a profile image. Both should be eye-catching and illustrative brand-wise. The next step would be to fill in the About section with clear and meaningful information. The final task you’ll have to complete is labeling each discussion category and your community gets a proper kick-start!

The key is to achieve a focused community that rises from effective interaction. By staying synchronized with your customer base you’re sustaining its foundations. Appoint a moderator to help you manage your community and maintain focus.

By engaging in discussions customers give you the much needed feedback and motivate you to apply required changes in ways you do business or handle products. Through mutual effort of both you and your community members you’ll surely make your virtual community prosper and flourish, and in this way bring attention and anticipated profit to your company. Communicate directly with the audience and create a sense of fellowship and participation– this is how a friendly working and living environment is built!