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How To Use Periscope To Build Personal Brand

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If you are thinking on building and expanding your personal brand, Periscope might be your answer and a thing worth looking for. Periscope is basically a tool that you use in order to create live broadcasts from your smartphone. You can also view others people broadcasts. Periscope is really easy to use as it’s all about simplicity and intimacy. It requires no editing, has no commercials, countdown timers or webinar slides. If you can remember, around 20 years ago the best way to build your brand was through investing in airing time on TV. It was a pretty common thing back then to see national infomercials and commercials. Periscope works in a way that it transforms your smartphone in TV station. You might ask yourself, how can you take advantage of this and use it to build up your personal brand? Key in a succeeding in this is consistency!  Audience will have more opportunity to find you if you stream more. Some of best brands in Periscope are streaming from 4 to 6 times a day.

How to build brand with Periscope?

Focus on being authentic and try to have best possible content based on your personality for your audience. If you respect the viewers, you will get followed. If you are struggling to find out what content you should produce, or how to create your brand, ask yourself questions like, what are you passionate or knowledgeable about. If you can combine knowledge with the things you’re passionate about, you will outperform all competition and grow personal brand more easily. It’s no secret that if you want too succeed in any social media, you have to be passionate and authentic. Periscope makes this really easy. There’s a holy trinity that you have to follow in order to have great content. Before you stream whatever you decided to do, ask yourself this. How will you entertain, inspire and educate your audience ?


You can follow the best streamers and spend good time understanding how they work with Periscope and with what kind of content are they successful with. Have interaction with your audience. When people enter to watch your streams say hello to them and thank them for joining. Periscope is not just about getting live audience as replays of streams are staying 24 hours, that way you can attract big amounts of traffic. If you don’t spend enough time to interact with the followers of your personal brand, you will loose, but if you do, you will have loyal followers. To create some build up before actually streaming, tease your followers showing them what they can expect. Say something like : “I will stream again in 2 hours talking about this or that, follow me if you want to know more.” This will bring excitement to your followers.

Be real and genuine when you’re filming, cause sometimes people can act odd when they are in front of the camera. Don’t be too formal and stiff, as this is not working good for Periscope. Your followers want to see the real you. Periscope is a great tool for attracting people in a world that’s really yours and authentic. So what are you waiting for? Get started and build your personal brand.