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How to Build a DIY Veranda to Upgrade Your Backyard 

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A veranda is generally an inseparable part of many old houses. However, it is very interesting that veranda designs become popular in modern home architecture as well. Veranda provides a space between the interior and the outside of the house and it brings significant importance. A well-designed porch can truly improve the overall outdoor living space and experience.

It will at the same time increase the amount of time you are spending outside because you are going to love seating there. This is not only a functional area but most importantly an entertaining one. This will be an ideal space for you to spend a couple of peaceful and relaxing hours with your morning coffee, enjoy a glass of wine by the fireplace after a stressful day, or organize an event where you can invite a bunch of friends to have fun with.

After the pandemic period, all of us have a higher desire to spend more time outdoors, and the veranda that is next to our house is just the perfect accommodation that can provide us with that. If you still do not have a veranda or you want to change the design of your current ones, we hope that you are going to find some inspiration for this great backyard addition in this article.

What factors should you keep in mind while creating your new veranda project that will upgrade your backyard?

There are so many different trends in design that you can consider and make your dreamy veranda that will be your new favorite place to spend time in. However, you should know that since this is the major outdoor structure, you will want to work with a professional team, such as architects that you can contact on this website, so you can ensure that your project is built perfectly and in the terms of engineering correctly.

Despite that, you will need to plan your budget, architectural style, and desired materials, you are going to measure the size of the patio and determine the orientation of the veranda location, so you can know how to build it.

Design and construction techniques for your veranda

In most cases, verandas are designed at the same time as the house is built. However, if your house is modern, your probably do not own a veranda. That is no reason for worrying since you can easily add a veranda as an excellent extension to your living space by planning the individual architectural project. There are different materials used for modern veranda constructions.

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However, wood and the aluminum are the most popular options nowadays. Logically, the material you are going to select will depend on the architectural style of your house, so you can make the harmony with both building styles. In that way, you will enhance a value of the house and promote overall landscape design, so your house will look way more luxurious.

Therefore, in wooden houses, the veranda should be created of wood, while brick houses should be made of bricks. Generally speaking, wood is the most popular construction option for a long time since it is very valuable, but at the same time highly aesthetical. It can promote warmth, and richness and provide your veranda very authentically appearance.

Despite that, wood is reliable, strong, and durable. Additionally, it can come in different patterns and colors. Lastly, if you properly treat it, you can be sure that it will last for hundreds of years.

You should also know that there are two main types of verandas, and those are an open gallery and the second one is a glazed structure. Therefore consider the advantage of both options and decide which one works for you most.

Veranda construction and decoration ideas – choose the style and furniture for your outdoor space

In general, decorating your veranda will only depend on the style that will both blend seamlessly the indoor and the outdoor of the house. Additionally, based on the functionality you want the veranda to provide you, you are going to choose the type of decor and furniture. Now, you are going to find some of the most popular decor styles and their features. According to them, you will be able to choose the finishing materials, color patterns, furniture, and accessories.

You should also know that accessories and little details can have a huge impact on the overall veranda appearance. Because of that, be open-minded and express your creativity to the fullest. There are so many different decor ideas that you can try, such as displaying plants on the fence which will truly give an eye-catching look.

Despite that, you can add a couple of swing chairs and provide yourself with relaxation while improving the overall veranda value. Additionally, you can make your veranda a lot more sophisticated if you add a tall garden fountain around your greenery and rock patio. Lastly, do not forget about those romantic and warm accessories such as candles, lanterns, cushions, plants, etc.

Consider some of these veranda styles for your project

Building a DIY veranda that will upgrade your backyard and increase its value is not a really difficult task if you know what you want! Therefore, you must have a clear picture of the style you want to create, and then, you are free to start building your new favorite place.

Now, let’s look at some clear style ideas for your new veranda style!

Modern style veranda type

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This style is mostly based on minimalism which is performed through a thought that less is more. Verandas of this kind are created with strict lines, and laconic forms and they are designed with simplicity in order to provide functionality. Even though we mentioned simplicity, that should not make you think that these types of verandas can not be highly sophisticated.

They also provide high comfort and coziness which means that your relaxation and enjoyment are guaranteed. If you choose this type of style, you should choose more simple, but practical furniture. However, even though should you look for the simple ones, you should choose only the original designer’s pieces so your veranda can look authentic. Do not forget about decor elements, but do not exaggerate with them. Keep things minimal, yet original. When it comes to materials, you can choose wood, stone, metal, or PVC.

Antiquity style veranda type

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One more very trendy veranda style nowadays is the antique, colonial one. It is based on a classical architecture that provides symmetry, and convenience and it looks wonderful. All the motifs that you choose should enhance the overall look of your new veranda. When it comes to the materials used in creating your new veranda, you should focus on stone and rocks, and white bricks.

You can also add some wooden material, but it needs to come in white and light color tones. This style does not limit your furniture options. You can combine some authentic furniture with wicker chairs and some elegant pillows. For decorative elements, you can also add lots of lanterns.

The beach or coastal style veranda type

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If you are the type of person that wants to enjoy a veranda that will remind her of the sea, you should choose the coastal beach veranda style. This can be an ideal choice for both the ones that are living near the seashore or somewhere else. Imagine waking up every morning, stepping outside on your veranda, and having a feeling like you are at the beach.

For this type of veranda, you should focus on choosing light colors and adding a lot of white rocks, sand, and decorative items and furniture in blue and turquoise shades. When it comes to the decoration, you can choose so many different creative items such as seashells, ropes, glass, etc. If you have higher budget, you can even create a little pool inside your veranda.