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What Does It Take To Build An App Like Instagram


What Does It Take To Build An App Like Instagram

Many people wonder how to build powerful app from the scratch, and is it really possible if you consider the magnitude that one Instagram has. Instagram is powerful way of sharing and capturing moments. It also serves as social platform where you can socialize and add other friends. Superstars are also known for using Instagram which is making it even more famous. So what would be the cost of making app an like this? Know that charging for app is different based on which platform is used, either Android, Windows or iOS. The basic cost for Android and iOS platform if you consider designing, research part, technology, screens, and research part logically something between $6000 and $14,000 per each platform and for Windows platform is around $7000 to $15,000. But to calculate more precisely you need to be clear and know what features and functions you want to have.

There are many key factors that play big role when it comes to application. For example, support, maintenance, scalability and performance. Instagram is app that’s pretty much automated and driven by content. In order to build app like Instagram you need to dissect the key features. Instagram has creation, editing of profile, exchanging of messages, customizing photos with extra features and digital filters, authorization of account, linking with other social networks, geolocation determining and searching with different parameters. So when you list key features you can simplify the process and imagine how you’re going to build yours. The essential part you want to set up is authorization. Set it up that when users enter your page they get 2 options. First they can login with existing account or register a new one.

The users should be able to retrieve back password if forgotten. It should be done with phone number, email or social media account depending on what the user chose during part or account registration. Users should also be able to upload their videos and pictures or make a preview of it, or directly upload that from their phone gallery. This is one of the most crucial features if you want to have app that’s like Instagram. Linking with other social platforms is very important. They should be able to interact with each others by sharing videos and photos no matter on what social media they are. The creation of design is also important as this is how you’re going to attract future customers. No matter how good your app is in terms of functionality, if it’s not well designed it will not attract anyone.