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How Elon Musk Started

elon musk infographic

Elon Musk is second entrepreneur from Silicon Valley (the first was James H. Clark) who managed to run three companies which exceed $ 1 billion – PayPal, Space X and Tesla Motors. Musk is dedicated to space exploration and discovery of innovative technologies for alternative energy solutions. Musk play under different rules and he is very successful. His character is described by perseverance, critical thinking and a large dose of self-criticism. The combination of such a character and the many hours spent at work (80-100 hours per week) has achieved impressive results. Many people say that Elon Musk is even better than Steve Jobs, because he achieved lot earlier in life much greater success. However, these two of the creative geniuses are specialized in completely different areas of technology and it is difficult to even compare them.

There’s not much doubt that Musk will continue to be one of the most active entrepreneurs in modern technologies. His commitment to developing solutions that should reduce the negative consequences of today’s industry is indisputable, and his engagement in a wide range of industries guarantees that we will definitely have the opportunity to watch the realization of bold ideas.

How much actually thorny path was to achieve the aforementioned results, best describes the following infographic, portraying a series of events and situations which Musk faced on his way to success.

how elon musk- tarted infographic