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CASHe – The Cash Giving App

Cashe – the cash giving app

 CASHe - The Cash Giving App

So what is all the buzz about this app? Imagine that you have special event, your wallet is out of money and salary from job still days away. CASHe is solution for your problem. It’s application that lets you loan money. But, is it really that easy and how it all works? It’s not really complicated process at all. First you register the downloaded app through your LinkedIn or Facebook profile. After that you need to send few of the documents in jpg format. You will need photo identity proof, latest slip from salary, proof of your permanent address, current photograph and the latest statement from your bank account where it shows your salary credit. CASHe will also let you know when you need to repay the loaned amount either through sms or email. CASHe is still only for Indian market which means any citizen from India above age 18 with all the necessary employment proof can apply for loans. Remember that CASHe is a smartphone app, so you need to have phone. 🙂

So how much can you borrow? You can loan minimum number of 5.000 INR and maximum 50.000. There are also processing charges when you borrow cash. If you borrow between 5.000 to 15.000 you need to pay 500 INR. If the amount is between 20.000 to 30.000 you need to pay 750 and if you loan 35.000 to 50.000 you will pay 1250. If you are unable to pay back the loan in 15 days time span, then you are able to delay payment by one more week. But, for doing this they will charge you additional 1% of total amount, so I strongly suggest you to avoid having additional charges. Transferring of the money is done immediately.

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We are now in a smart digital world era, and CASHe is fresh thing on the market with easy providing loans through innovative, tuned and transparent processes. CASHe is working by utilizing sophisticated algorithms along with the learning capabilities so it can deliver improved and amazing experience to all the future customers.

If you’re wondering, CASHe is established and created by visionary and his last venture is valued over billion dollars. The team which is behind CASHe is very well known for their experience in banking, technology and data analytics. I think CASHe is like the ideal platform, especially for consumers enabling them to take bigger control of their finances. So to summarize everything here’s the quick description of CASHe. It’s new innovative experience, easy, quick and in tune with times. It provides you with loans on short term, it is especially handy if you are young professional. It offers you instant personal loans with only minimum required documentation. I think this is great app and I hope they will spread in other countries too and not just India, it sure has a big potential.