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Where Top Entrepreneurs Started


Where Top Enterpreneurs Started

Many people have dreams of starting something with the small amount of money and transforming that into million dollars juggernaut. Let’s be honest, every business small or big has to start from somewhere. If you are in need of an inspiration for this, well there are many successful entrepreneurs who made big household names for themselves starting from small amounts and humble beginnings. It’s really amazing how people are trying to search for some magic shortcut for success but the truth is that the solution is right in front of their face whole time. Yes, it’s true that it’s a lot of work, but look from the perspective that you get to do what you want to do and do it by your way.

So, if you want to do entrepreneurship right, here are some of the successful stories to boost you up and give you motivation to show you that its possible. For example, Pierre Omidyar was computer programmer that started to auction his personal stuff on webpage in 1995. It was then known as AcutionWeb. It was more of a personal project but it soon got much web traffic that it was necessary for him to upgrade his account, so initially he started to charge fees for people. The first employee that was hired by him was handling all the checks for payment. Now this page is known as eBay, one of the most famous websites for buying and selling all kinds of things.

Let’s move on to the next story. Don Vultaggio and John Ferolito, were 2 Brooklyn friends that started to distribute beer back in the 70’s, from the back of their bus. After seeing how much successful their beer was, 2 decades later they wanted to try themselves on something new, so they launched AriZona Green Tea and soft drinks too. Today, those teas are number one choice in America and even distributed all around the world.

Mike Evans and Matt Maloney, 2 software developers from Chicago were working on lookup Apartment searches and they got tired from having to call restaurants when searching for takeout food. So the light bulb turned on and that was the point when they decide to open GrubHub which is now valued over $3 billion dollars.

Do you wonder how Starbucks began? Howard Schultz was a young marketer working at coffee bean roaster in Seattle. When he went to Milan he got an idea for upscale espresso cafes they are having all around Italy. The guy who was employing him at that time did not have any interest to own coffee shops but he decided to finance him and eventually sold him the brand name – Starbucks that today makes one one best coffee in the world.

The year is 1917, a 23 years old Konosuke Matsushita was the apprentice at electric light company in Osaka. He had no education but managed to come up with improved light socket. The thing is that, his boss was not really interested in that so Konosuke decided to make his own samples in basement. Later on he expanded with lamps powered on battery, and many other electronic products. In 2008, company worked under name Matsushita Electric when it was finally announced they are going to change name to Panasonic which is now worth over $66 billion dollars.

Just remember that the world we live in is full of possibilities and chances, but the life we have is only one and precious, and so is your career. This means you have limited time to search for something that will give you opportunity to leave some mark in this world. Find something you like and do it, this is your time.