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How Airbnb Started – 2024 Review


If you still are not familiar with the world phenomenon, which is called Airbnb – this is service or internet service for renting rooms, apartments or houses which gained a global popularity in the last few years. Airbnb is a service that allows people from around the world alternative accommodation solutions at favorable prices. Airbnb works so that people who have private apartments, houses or a spare room can rent it at affordable price to tourists from around the world.

Reasons to use Airbnb:

  • Lower prices. Airbnb generally has lower prices than any hotel. As an example, we can compare the apartment of say 50 euros per night, which is in the main street of Berlin while a hotel on the same street is a minimum of 200 euros for the night.
  • A better location. Airbnb offers a large selection of apartments, and as you know apartments were built before the hotels and thus a large number of apartments on Airbnb is in a much better location compared to the hotels.
  • Airbnb is safe. This service has multiple insurance claims and insurance for customers, and also through reviews and comments of former users you can see all the negativities and qualities of accommodation before you decide to book and pay.
  • Airbnb is flexible. A large number of apartments on Airbnb-in is very flexible and can be easily arranged with the owner through Viber, email, phone or Facebook in a private message, in this way you communicate directly with the owner, while at the hotel you communicate with the employee.

What are your experiences with Airbnb service? We have not yet had a chance to try it out. But we have that in a plan soon. Below you can check infographic about how Airbnb started: