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Facts You Didn’t Know About eLearning


eLearning can be defined as the performance of the educational process with the help of information and communication technologies. Freely translated, this means that it is learning via computer, for which you need the Internet and is able to learn from anywhere and at any time. It can written text, voice, video or tests. Many do not have time for additional training courses because of work, college or other commitments. So this is a great opportunity that allows you to gain knowledge in your own home. Throughout the learning you interact with your instructor. This kind of learning will usually provide you a variety of IT colleges, language schools or certain educational institutions which may charge their services and at the end of the course you receive a certificate.

The advantages of eLearning

On the websites of the respective providers of such services will be written if you can access for free or need to pay a certain amount. But if you have no money you will find many free sites that can help you to gain a new skill. The advantage of this learning is that you can choose the area of ​​interest. Everything you wanted to, you now have the opportunity to learn. The advantages of elearning are many. Often, these courses allow students with material compensation that are missed due obligations, as a rule, the biggest problem with standard courses. Also, participants are enabled to learn at their own pace, at the place and time of their choice. In addition to learning in a way that suits them best, users are encouraged to study multimedia and exercise knowledge through the use of audio, video, text, image, and multimedia materials.

Below you can check infographic which shows 20 facts you didn’t know about eLearning: