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12 Things You Didn’t Know About Uber

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Californian startup Uber is founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, who had an idea for an application during his stay in Paris, where he had difficulty finding a free cab. Startup is launched 2009 under the name UberCab, and in 2010 released the Uber app for iOS and Andriod. Applications can connect people who have a vehicle with those who need a ride, and the ride is cheaper than a standard taxi and paid via the Internet.

Financial ascent

After the founding they started to raise capital, and by 2011 they collected $ 49 million. Great encouragement they received in 2013 when Google invested in Uber $ 258 million. Meanwhile, investors have gone mad for Uber which until August 2014 collected 1.5 billion, and in December the new $ 1.2 billion. The value of the company is now estimated at $ 41 billion, and the expected revenues for 2015 were $ 10 billion.

Expanding of Uber Taxi

With offering their services, they first started in San Francisco in July 2010, as the international expansion in Paris in December 2011. In Canada, entered in March 2012, and the UK market in June 2012. The company continued to expand so that Uber is currently represented in 55 countries and over 200 cities. Uber, by their popularity started the trend uberification, and the creation of numerous similar companies.

How Uber works?

The idea and the basic purpose of Uber app is simple. A program that can be installed on any smartphone allows users to order a taxi which is not necessarily a standard cab ride. Once the application receives the request and locates your position, the call is forwarded to the nearest Uber registered driver, and you can follow his route on the screen of smart phone. When he drives you at your destination, from your bank account will be charged for amount of money you need to pay, of which Uber takes its commission, and the rest is passed to the driver.

Who’s driving the Uber?

Drivers who work for Uber do not have a taxi license or taximeter, and almost anyone with an appropriate vehicle and driver’s license can apply for a job. Uber usually takes 20 percent commission, and the rest goes to drivers.

What about prices?

Prices are formed in an interesting way. If driver is driving faster than 18 kilometers per hour, then you will be charged by the mileage, and if it is under 18 km/h then they charge the time spent in the taxi. Prices vary, but on the Western markets are generally lower than the competition. Another interesting fact is that prices may vary depending on the time of year, respectively demand. Uber offers the ability to share rides also.

So, below you can check out the infographic by Parcelhero which shows the 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Uber Taxi:

UBER infographic