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Social Media Infographic 2014 – Facts You Didn’t Know

Have you ever wondered how social media can help you to grow your business or achieve your personal goals? Are you afraid that if you will be active on social media networks, your competitors will know what you’re doing?
First of all, let us recall how social media has changed in a very short period of time. Five years ago, most people did’t know about social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter , and only few companies were using these platforms . Now, every company has a Facebook page or Twitter profile. Social Media became one of the most important marketing tools.
Within five years, social media has become an integral part of online marketing. Marketing professionals and internet users trying to get the most out of social media in very different ways.Social media networks are free to expand your influence or increase sales, you only need to sacrifice time and have an idea of ​​the interest of potential consumers.

Social Media Infographic 2014

Creating our most recent social media infographic “Facts You Didn’t Know”, we looked for the ways how to represent social media facts differently. We’ve tried to find facts and recent statistics which hasn’t been published before in infographic format. It’s impossible for us to track each infographic on the internet, but at least we didn’t copy facts, visualized by other graphic designers. Social Media is one of the most common infographics topic around the web. Infographic containing social media facts and statistics is engaging, informative and useful for social media marketing. So here it is. Our latest 2014 social media infographic presents facts and statistics of four social networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.If you like this infographic, you can always visit our infographic templates shop and purchase template. Scroll down and see 2014 social media facts and statistic infographic “Facts You Didn’t Know”