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Selfies And Their Impact On Trends & Culture


Selfie mania, a popular form of self-portrait photo, holding a cell phone in hand, is present throughout the world. Selfie has become so popular and it seems that this trend will never die. Young people around the world every day make millions of different images of this type.

Young people between 16 and 25 spend up to five hours a week for preparing for photographing, photographing and editing selfies, claims survey of company FeelUnique. Director of the company, Newby Hands, said: “It is not that we become a nation of narcissistic persons, but this is a new way to share ideas and inspiration. The act of photographing selfies is a wide phenomenon.”

On average, people take 3 selfies a day, and each take up to 16 minutes: it is almost an hour a day. Most of time we spend on the “capture” of real lighting, camera angles, makeup, hairstyle …

In addition, taking selfies is a great way to kill boredom: editing photos and browse Instagram is more fun than writing seminars and assignments. But experts warn that the idea of ​​self-related selfies become worrisome. 22% of people admitted to feeling a rush of happiness when someone “likes” a photo and to post the photos online can boost confidence. One in five even admitted that they took little more provocative selfies in order to force the ex partners to regret for braking up. More worrying is that 27% of girls admitted that they “delete selfies within a few minutes if they do not get enough ‘likes’ on social networks.” More interesting stats about selfies, you can check in infographic below: