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Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing Work Better Together


A recent survey of business leaders showed that email marketing and social media marketing would be the two things most likely to see an increase in investment by business owners in 2015.

Social media marketing

About 92% of marketers say that social networks are very important for their business. We understand that they believe that social media influence the job, but what is really their influence?

The increased visibility of the brand

With a whopping 91%, increased visibility on social networks was the most important benefit that marketers have noticed after the use of social networks for marketing purposes. Many respondents by using social networks about six hours a week have been recognized as increasing the visibility of the brand promoting. Social marketing is a unique opportunity for companies to be always around in the minds of consumers, as well as the possibility of finding new potential customers.

Increased traffic

70 percent of marketers is noted that activities on social networks increased traffic to their site, while 75% of jobs that are closely associated with social networks at least a year or more had an even greater increase in traffic. Encouraging social network users to leave the platform and visit your site is not an easy undertaking. The combination of good content and tastefully conceived ad could encourage users to visit your site.

Creating loyal followers (users)

Not surprisingly, B2C marketers (73%) are more likely to create a base of loyal followers but B2B marketers (63%). It is no secret that the majority of users visit social networks and platforms for purely personal purposes. B2B marketing usually involves the adoption of a number of decisions on the path to purchase. Fortunately, social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook help marketers find an audience more easily on the basis of interest, title and demographics. This opens a whole new door for B2B marketers to know how to organize sending messages based on user needs.

Market Insights

Almost 70% of marketers believes that social networks provide access to markets which they previously were not aware of, or confirm what they already know. Social networks provide you with insight into your customers or associates. It is easy to discover their favorite movies and series, with who they mostly communicate, where they work, and so on.

Collection of potential buyers

Over 50% of marketers who have used social networks for over a year are collected potential customers through social media. In order to classify potential customers through social media, your companions have to trust, to be involved and to have a need for what you offer.

E-mail marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses email as a means of communication between the service provider, usually companies, and users of its services / products.

Simply put, each email message that a company sends its current or potential user, with promotional and informative content, it can be considered as email marketing. The main advantage of email marketing is price. Imagine being able to communicate with your customers for free or for very little financial budget. Great, right?

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Below you can check more informations as well as stats about why email marketing and social media marketing work better together: