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Email Marketing During Holidays


Interaction with customers, potential and those regular, it is always very important – but there are some different rules for email marketing during holidays. It is vital that you are up to date, and to publish product news and sales at the right time.

Did you ever wonder what day and at what time is best to send the newsletter, during the holiday season? The good thing about the whole online business is that it is all very measurable and based on the statistics, so you can easily make some conclusions, ie. The decision.

Email marketing during holidays

It’s December, so the Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations are about to begin. Many people are taking off from work, traveling and spending time with family. Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are obviously days when people don’t read their email, but you can still reach people. Is email marketing useful during holidays? Of course it is, but there are days when you should or shouldn’t hit the “send” button. To find out when is ok to send email newsletter and when not, and what strategy for email marketing during holidays to use, check out the infographic below.

We wish you a happy holidays!

email marketing during holidays infographic