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How Do Casinos Use Technology?

Row Of Empty Slot Machines In Hotel Casino

Casinos can be known for their high-security and hi-tech environments. It won’t be too long before a security flaw or an hacker loophole has been fixed, as it can cost the gambling companies seriously high amounts of money. But just how do casinos around the world use technology?

The stakes are high – not only when we’re talking about the gambling table but also when we’re talking about the security risks casinos face on a daily basis. Dealing with a lot of money comes with a fair bit of risk and the latest infographic from PokerStars has looked at how casinos are using emerging and modern day advances in security and technology to keep up with those risks.

Some casinos are using Bitcoin as a way of helping to increase their revenues outside of gambling activities. By accepting Bitcoin at their casinos, the currency can be used at their gift shops and restaurants.

To help tighten security, smart facial recognition is becoming increasingly more present at casinos. When entering the premises, guests will be photographed and that image will be cross-referenced alongside a database of suspicious people. The security at casinos will be able to keep an eye on who is entering and leaving their building.

Have a look at the infographic below for a much more detailed look into how technology is being used at casinos.