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Email marketing strategy – infographic


Do you collect emails of your users from your web page? Did you utilize the full potential of the existing database of your customers? Communicate news and special offers in your industry in a timely manner? Are you satisfied with the existing conversions through this marketing channel?

What is and how the email marketing works?

Email marketing is one of the channels of direct marketing that allows direct communication with the end customer / user and using techniques such as email newsletter. Such email messages must have a high quality and useful content that can be informative, promotional, sales, or educational type. Users who want to receive your email newsletter will enter your email address in the box provided, and you will offer them the option of when buying your products / services receive your newsletter.

You can  also offer your customers to download informative and useful content in the form of e-books or brochures, for which in return people leave their email. Email marketing is an easy way to communicate with your target audience with “real-time” performance measurement, exceptional accessibility and high returns on investment. This infographic can help you in every aspect of your email marketing campaign. Do you want to increase awareness of your brand, and know what your customers are doing after opening and reading your newsletters.

Email marketing strategy is evaluated as a strategy with the best return on investment and, as such, is extremely important factor of the overall marketing mix on the Internet. Using email marketing you can send a series of messages to your “subscribers” at the same time informing them about your current offers and benefits.

Proper use of email marketing can help you build relationships with customers, increase sales, collect additional data … Using email marketing strategies keep your customers, regularly reminding them about your offering at the same time using “cross-selling” option.