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5 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2016

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We can expect a very interesting year for the social media marketing. New forms of communication, advertising, new technological solutions, and many interesting features, waiting to take advantage of their full potential.

For next year’s is predicted the growth of advertising on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), especially video advertising. The new options and new tools will be available for more accurate advertising, and targeting of the target user group. In addition, new forms of publishing content on social networks could reduce the cost of communication, which could lead to an increase in competition, or an increase in the presence of the company on social networks. Therefore, the price of advertising on social networks may grow.

Marketing on Instagram

Of all the social networks most advertising growth will have Instagram. Announced throughout 2015, advertising on Instagram finally at the end of the year became accessible to all. In 2016, there will be a growth in the number of users, a growing number of brands will recognize this platform as a potential channel of addressing the target audience and will consequently lead to an increase in advertising. Because of the ease of making the ads in the familiar environment of Facebook’s platform and advertising costs, in 2016 we expect a boom of advertising on this social network.

Direct Sale

One of the major social media marketing trends that are predicted for the year 2016 is the increase in sales directly through social networks, and there is again Facebook. With all the new opportunities in advertising on Facebook, it is expected an increase in ads created with the intention of direct sales of products and services. Facebook has so far seen primarily as a great platform for creating a community of loyal customers, build brand and image in the eyes of potential consumers. However, Facebook now offers a very wide range of different types of ads with accurately measurable objectives and targeting the very specific interests and user behavior. Social networks are not just channels for strengthening the awareness of the brand and generate traffic to the site, but also channels of distribution, and thus strengthens the focus on ROI. Therefore, the integration of e-commerce opportunities in social networks, applications, and ads are becoming commonplace – “buy” button in 2016 will be a “must have” on social networks.

2015 brought some surprising news and trends in terms of how businesses are using social media and we hope the same from the year ahead. For now, just include these 5 social media marketing trends in your marketing strategy and see on what level it takes your business:

social media marketing trends for 2016