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Email Marketing: How to Optimize Email Newsletter


Email communication is part of our daily lives and has been accepted as a marketing and sales tool in many industries. Therefore, we present below a five tips for maximization of your e-mail campaigns, and (un) popular newsletters.

Is it pleasant to the eye?

Do not go overboard with the text, big amount of text text operates too tedious and unattractive. Instead of writing essays, just put the most important thing – the title and introductory text that will intrigue recipients and encourage them to click to read the full text. A major role in the design have images. So they should be attractive and appealing. However, keep in mind that some e-mail browsers will not automatically display images if the receiver is turned on that option. So it would be good to your newsletter does not depend entirely on images, but look decent without included images.

Is the subject of the e-mail attractive?

The goal of the title page is to attract recipients and encourage them to take action. Use powerful words and phrases that encourage action. Before sending the newsletter, test a few introductory sentences among colleagues.

Will your newsletter get to the inbox?

One of the key factors in determining whether your email campaign succeeds or fails is deliverability of your e-mails. If your message does not reach the recipient, it is clear that will not be anything from the purchase. Therefore, check if your domain / server / IP can pass the spam tests / filters. In addition, it is important that you follow the rules for registration of a list of recipients.

Do you check your statistics?

Make a habit to review the results of past e-mail campaign before you send new. Reading, clicks and conversions can be improved by regular monitoring of various factors, and it can be the little things such as the time between sending and opening e-mail or the length of the title phrase. In addition to analysis of past campaigns, we suggest that you try to predict the success of the future campaign and on the basis of its forecast and actual results see what you can improve.

Do your customers believe you?

Each message you send and every opening of your email by the recipient is an opportunity to build a relationship. Sometimes to build this relationship takes less time, and sometimes it takes more time. If the only goal of your campaign is the realization of purchase, ie. the transaction – perhaps you are on the wrong path and it is time to redefine goals. The greatest success will be achieved at a time when the recipient – a potential buyer begins to trust and appreciate your messages. When you get to this stage, sales will be much easier. Therefore we advise you to be realistic in setting goals and above all try to build a good relationship with the recipients.

Below you can check out  infographic which shows how to optimize email newsletter for email marketing so you can get a better feel for what steps you can take to better engage your email subscribers as soon as they sign up: