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What is Social Recruiting

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Social recruiting is really effective way to find candidates that are qualified enough for the next job, it is done through the use of social media websites since most of them are free and almost everyone is using them for showcasing their brand. It’s estimated that nearly 70% of companies are using social websites or networks for recruiting. One of most efficient and easiest ways of recruiting is posting available open jobs to social media websites and researching through large number of responders to make a best list of people that seem to fit for specific work.

LinkedIn and Facebook are very strong social recruiting tools, but LinkedIn is at the very top with 94% of recruiters. Facebook is second with 66% and Twitter on the 3rd place with 52%. LinkedIn is so great because it offers database of profiles for recruiters where they can contact, search or track the best candidates. Facebook on the other hand is playing a slightly different role in recruiting by being platform for recruiters showcasing their brands and generating employee referrals

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When you are applying for a job, there is some stuff that you should leave out from your profile as it’s an instant turn off for companies. For an instance, you should watch out on your grammar and spelling errors and don’t make sexual references, also try not to share some drunk night photos. Since almost nothing online is private, and your presence on social media is public, pay attention to small details. Social recruiting is used so much because in todays world with high number of unemployment rate it could be very difficult to find appropriate candidates with the right qualifications and qualities to fill the job position.

The biggest benefit of social recruiting is having the ability to see what an individual is like before reviewing applications which is also very time consuming. But even when person looks qualified based on their profile, it’s different story when giving first impressions while meeting in person during an interview. When the recruiters are meeting with potential workers, based on their personal info, the person who’s interviewing candidate could already know what kind of questions need to be asked and how he or she will react to environment. One of very good examples of social recruiting is also recruiting new workers by other employee recommendations, it’s always very promising because your worker is putting their reputation for another, so probably it’s the candidate that’s worth looking for. I was in a similar situation where I suggested 2 of my good friends to my boss since I knew their background and they have proven to be really great workers, so everyone was pleased.

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As we are living in a time where almost everything is driven by technology, social recruiting with the power of media is getting more and more important. There’s a large number of websites being designed especially for matching applicants with employees depending on their category and type of job. Many companies are first looking at the candidates public profiles to get better idea of their character and if someone is worthy of hiring. I think this is really great way of using of social websites and with people thinking of new ideas and thoughts every day, only the sky is the limit of what new type of hiring people will emerge. Who knows, maybe robots will take most of our jobs one day? But that’s, another story for another time.