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Social Media For Social Good


Social Media For Social Good

It’s really amazing to see how technology is evolving over the years. Just think about it for a moment. 15 years ago, there was no YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. But today, more than 300 million people are signing into Facebook on a daily basis, YouTube has more than 2 billion videos watched every single day and Twitter has more than 50 million unique tweets per day, for sure that is mind blowing stuff. All of this is a great sign for the nonprofit part of the world. Why, you may ask? That is because that type of sector is built upon human relationships, passion, desire and connecting, so we can create and bring about positive changes around the world. All of this tech innovations are giving birth to new types of pages, those that focus more on people as individuals driven by non profit. All those new pages can enable support of people who are passionate about something and collect with individuals who are same minded, thus inspiring further engagement, support and interaction.

When social media is used for social good, it sure is making an impact on the world. Social networks are not always just a procrastination platforms or online distractions. While there’s a large number of people that are probably addicted to social media, it’s still one of the best ways to be informed. Many corporations and news outlets are posting immediately keeping the public informed and if looking in retrospective, social media has done more good than bad.

In the U.S., 83% American citizens expressed that they want brands to support charity causes. 41% of consumers are buying products specifically for the reasons connected with the cause. Did you know that in America, almost 88% of households are giving something to charity.┬áThere’s an immense increase in charity funding online. 6 years ago, it was stated that 140 largest online charities received around $1.2 billion dollars in donations through internet compared to %887 millions received a year earlier.

As much as many people think that social platforms are used only for games, gossip or memes, it’s important to understand that often times, there’s a bigger purpose and picture for social network utilisation. I think that the real reason behind social media’s beauty lies in its ability to influence and help each individual to do good things for society.