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Cool Ways to Use PDF

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What is PDF ?

Well, PDF in most basic way means portable data format. It is a format of describing documents. Many companies are using it as a standard format in exchanging data. It is also very useful way of viewing scanned text, reading product brochures or magazine articles. There are many advantages when you using this format. It can be used in many platforms such as MAC or Windows. You can also print entire file with ink jet printers and most of PDF files are not using much space which means its size is down to minimum. It was developed all the way back to 1990’s, for a way to share documents, and now more then 20 years ago it’s most trusted format of business people.

It’s very important to have required software installed so you can run pdf format in it. If you don’t have it,  you will not see a pdf icon on the file. Best software that is widely used for this is called Acrobat Reader from Adobe company. Despite the programs early versions when it was not freely available, it is now totally free of charge. Another great option worth trying out is https://www.foxit.com/pdf-to-word.


One of most common way PDF is used is for reading digital books, as they all are saved in PDF format. I think that is really cool as it gives you chance to have thousands of books on your laptop without using all the space in your room with physical version of them. Personally I like to transfer my digital books on smartphone, as it can be used as a mobile application too, and just lay down in a bed, enjoying reading a good story. You can also scan your old magazines, open in Adobe Acrobat and from then on, you mark and copy any text you want and save in new PDF file that will look really professional. Think about this too.

Imagine you are running a successful business, and you are getting documents on your e-mail that needs to be signed and returned back. You could do it the slower way with printing documents, signing them, scanning again and sending back but there’s a faster way, thanks to PDF format you can add your signature in PDF file that can be ready any time you need it. Digital signatures are in general much more secured then ink signatures.  PDF files could also contain hyperlinks to some websites or even multimedia files like music and videos. Great thing about PDF format is that by setting your password, you can lock it so no one can open it or even disable the changing and printing of file.

It has really become a standard of how business people are sharing important documents and information. Since everything is slowly starting to be digital it’s logical that very soon companies are going to run paperless. It’s estimated that American offices are printing at least 10 thousand pages for each year. Lots of schools are starting to implement data editing with PDF format in computers. It’s becoming more easy since some of the options in software offer predictive typing.

PDF’s are starting to be one of most used formats in our computers and by the 2024 it is estimated that eSignature industry will be well worth over $5 billion dollars, while PDF being the real backbone of it. It is the most logical saver for technological information of tomorrow, and I don’t have doubts it will be used to preserve data for future.