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What is Pay Per Click?

PPC Pay Per Click

What Is Pay Per Click

Pay per click method is basically internet marketing model that is used by advertisers paying fees every time person clicks on their ads. You could say in a way it’s a method of buying visitors to your website instead attempting to earn them. One of most popular options of PPC is advertising through search engines. This allowing advertisers to place bids for their ads to have better placement on search engines when people are searching for specific product or entering keyword that is related to business offers of advertisers.

For example, if you are searching software, ad that is placed on top of the search engine will pop up on Google results. So each time advertisers ad is clicked, they have to pay certain amount of fee to search engine. If you are setting up new pay per click business be careful, because if you are not aware what you’re doing you can loose money. So don’t have an ego that tells you, you have to be number one in bidding, as it can cost you thousands of dollars.

Ads are being sold in auction. So you bid on how much are you willing to pay for a click on your ad, and by being the top bidder you are having good chances to be first in sponsored results. When people are clicking on your pay per click listings, they will arrive at your webpage, you will be charged depending on how much you have bid. So if your bid was $20 dollars per one click on technology products, and if that was the highest bidding, you will be charged $20 dollars by PPC service if 100 people clicked.

PPC Pay Per Click

It’s true that you must put a lot of work into building profitable PPC campaign, because you certainly aim for your ads to be displayed by Bing or Google. On the other hand pay per click is very good as it can generate you lots of traffic in short period of time. The formula is very simple, if you spend enough money by investing in ads, you will be placed on top and customers will see you first. Between balancing of bad and good sides, I would say it’s a great tool for advertisting if you know what you’re doing.  If you want successful PPC campaign it’s worth to mention some rules to keep in mind. Track your conversion which means tracking every time when someone makes purchases, download white paper or registers, this way you will stay on your budget. Set your standard, adjust how much you want to spend on PPC campaign. To make easier for understanding,  the money you spend on clicks should always be lower then total profit you are getting per one click. Focus on finding the right keywords because those kind of niches cost less.

pay per click

Don’t ignore good writing, take time and write a couple of short sentences describing your service and don’t underestimate this as being something that’s not important. Aim for high quality as Google and Bing are known to examine how good someone is by their quality score. It examines performances of your ad and quality of webpage to which ads are pointing.

Lots of people are spending their money on PPC sites. Don’t be fooled to let yourself be caught up in war after bidding for specific keyword and spending more money then you are expecting to return. One of most famous one is Neobux which is real and trusted company that pays. I personally used it by myself but I didn’t earned much because I was young and still beginner who was just entering this word and didn’t quite understood the process of earning on pages like that.

Very few companies and businesses in general are ignoring pay per click method, as it’s becoming basic tool for internet marketing. If you are thinking to go with this route avoid thinking that more clicks means better, forget about this mentality and rather just focus on your conversions and how much are you returning by investing in business, if you follow all these rules and add little twist to your methods with finding the right keywords you can build campaign that’s gonna be much profitable.