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What is Facebook Recruiting


Every company must take advantage of social media networks. One way for that is Facebook recruiting. Most of people and companies don’t know what Facebook recruiting is and how to take advantage of Facebook for their business. If you are one of those people then it’s time to inform yourself about Facebook recruiting.

Facebook Recruiting

The best way to explain what Facebook recruiting is to you is to list you all of the benefits you can get from it. So let’s get to work.

  • More traffic – if you start recruiting people with Facebook it will help you to get more traffic to the jobs you offer. You can make a website with job application, blog, job board or anything else but nothing is better than Facebook. Almost everyone is on Facebook today, young, old, male, female, everyone and it can be much easier to apply to some job when a job posting is placed on Facebook and workers can instantly connect with the company. If you finally realize that then you will have the advantage over your companies who doesn’t have an option to recruit over Facebook.
  • More talent – just like I mentioned above, everyone is using Facebook. With that in mind it is easy to understand that people from all the world are using it which means that recruitment pool is really, really large and there is a lot of talent to look out for.
  • Company image – if you start your own Facebook recruiting campaign it will show people that you are flexible and can adapt to different ways of recruiting. People will notice that and will surely think that as an attractive thing and therefore increase the reputation and boost an image of your company.
  • Connection – it is much easier to connect with potential workers through Facebook than any other site. With Facebook recruiting you are becoming more personal with job seekers and they will like that job offer more than any other offer.
  • Brand awareness – I talked about the importance of a good brand in my article about visual branding (Best visual branding tips) and if you read it then you know how important brand can be for your business. With Facebook recruiting campaign you will boost the brand awareness of your business.
  • Faster recruitment – when you realize how big internet and Facebook is then you know that there is a large number of people that are active at any minute and at any second. When you post some job advertisement on a newspaper on some website you have to wait for them to find it and fill some application. But with Facebook your advertisement will spread more quickly and you will get more applications faster than usual.
  • Passive candidates – passive candidates are people with great talent and fantastic knowledge who don’t want to apply for some job because they don’t’ want to pursue and improve their career. Than can be because they don’t want to spend time on filling large job application or any other reason. But with Facebook they can easily get in contact with the hiring company and that can make them apply to your job offer.
  • Students – most of the people on Facebook are students. With Facebook recruiting you get an opportunity to attract young minds that will surely help you with your business. Especially if you need to follow all the latest trends.
  • Cheap – if you already have a good brand and a large community on your Facebook profile then you won’t have to invest any money into Facebook recruiting campaign. And even if you must invest into some marketing to attract more job seekers it is worth it.
  • Other people recruiting for you – people can share your job advertisement with their friends and contacts and get them to apply for your job. In that way they will actually do the recruiting for you. Nice, right?

So, now you know what the Facebook recruiting is and what it can get you or your company.

Facebook recruiting applications

The best way to start a Facebook recruiting campaign is to use some of the many Facebook recruiting applications. There are lots of applications out there but I will help you with your search and list the best ones here.

  1. Work4Labs


Probably the best solution for social recruiting is a company called Work4Labs. Their main goal is to connect different companies with the people who want to work with them. Companies can target exactly the type of candidates they want. You can pick location, education, work history and lots of other search features. Work4 also offers a careers page where all the job openings are listed. Candidates can apply for a job just by clicking on a job they want.

  1. Jobcast


Jobcast app is a good way to reach possible candidates for your job offering. Application is very popular and widely used by lots of big companies. Most notable companies that use this app are Samsung and Pizza Hut. This application allows companies to transfer the whole section of their Facebook page into a site for a career. You have to option to post some job to your timeline where users can like, comment or share that job offer.

  1. LinkUp


LinkUp is an app that searches more than 40,000 different company websites and then show a list of all job openings available at that time. LinkUp allows you to customize your own page and post jobs directly on Facebook where all the users of Facebook can reach it. All the jobs are updates on Facebook page and you can even monitor every aspect of your advertisement like number of clicks and shares.

  1. Bullhorn Reach

Bullhorn Reach

This nice application offers you a list of all available jobs on a simple way. Visitors have the option to see all the jobs, read more about them, apply and share the job advertisement. This app also has a nice feature where companies will get a list of people who could be best suitable for particular job opening. Design of the application is very nice and it is simple to use.

  1. Smart JobBoard

Smart JobBoard

And the last application that made into my list is called Smart JobBoard. It offers you a way to list all of your job openings you have at some time and place them into your own Facebook page. Every time you delete some post, edit it or create new one it will automatically be synchronized with Facebook.

Most of these applications offer a basic free plan with some nice features. And for companies or job seekers who want more powerful features and options there are different plans that don’t cost a lot of money.

Facebook or LinkedIn?

If you heard about LinkedIn then you probably know that it is the best and biggest professional networking website. At least for now. Since Facebook recruiting is becoming more and more popular I think it is only the question of time when LinkedIn could die. But, let’s compare these two networks, shall we?
Facebook vs LinkedIn

If we look at the tools for recruitment we can see that job seekers on Facebook have a unique center where they can search for all the job openings. And they can search it with location, needed skills, industry and some other options. There are over 2 million jobs to choose from but the search features are still very limited. LinkedIn recruitment tool has a much more option and features. On LinkedIn you can search by skills, education, background and lots of other options. And when you see what both networks have to offer in this field I would have to say that LinkedIn leads this battle.

If we look at the number of potential candidates then it is obvious who gets the point here. But, about half of users on Facebook have more than 40 years. About 50% have a college education and less than 25% have a degree. But still, there are more people from more countries. On the other hand, on LinkedIn about 70% of people are between 25 and 50 years old, almost half of those users have a degree and 37% have college education. Facebook has more users, but LinkedIn has more people wanting to expand and improve their career. I would give a point to LinkedIn here too.

Facebook started as a simple way for people, especially students, to share their photos and messages. Since that simple idea has been converted into website Facebook has grown amazingly fast. And taking that in mind it is important to say that Facebook platform was made for that and not for job offerings and job searching. When you apply for some job on Facebook then company will surely research some things about you and that means that maybe they will see some bad photos you posted few years ago. LinkedIn is surely not a place where you would publish a photo of yourself in some embarrassing place or in some embarrassing clothes when you are drunk. LinkedIn is a platform designed especially for professionals offering and searching for a job while Facebook is what it should be – a social media platform. LinkedIn gets a point here too.

So, let’s check the score. LinkedIn 3 vs 0 Facebook. Doesn’t look so good for Facebook, does it? My personal opinion is that you should still use LinkedIn if you want to search for a job or offer one. And if you are a company offering a job you can put it both on Facebook and LinkedIn. I don’t recommend applying for a job on Facebook if you have some embarrassing posts or photos. Make sure to make them private or even delete them before you apply for some serious job. I think that Facebook will become more and more popular job board in the future and will surely attract and have more people searching and companies offering jobs than LinkedIn ever did, but not today.

Facebook recruiting examples

And to finish my article I will show you some of the best examples of companies using Facebook recruiting to get more talented people for their job opening.

  1. Accenture


On Accenture you can apply for some job and get job recommendations with their Facebook page. Company also gives you a page with lots of information about every job. You can also get a career calendar that contains dates of some events for recruitment and all other similar stuff.

  1. Taco Bell

Taco Beel Career

I’m sure you heard about Taco Bell. But the thing you maybe don’t know is that they have a career page. On that page they show a potential workers how it is to work there. You can find lots of information from current employees, lots of selfies from workers and a lot more stuff.

  1. Dell


Another popular company with its own Facebook careers page is Dell. This popular company show an individual achievements of their own employees, they post a job openings and allow applications through a simple app. They also showcase some employee quotes and pictures from different events they hold. Another good thing that Dell does on that page are different pools, questions for users and tips for job search.

So, that’s it for now. I believe that Facebook recruiting will become even more popular in the future and that people only need to be informed more about this. And what better way to inform your friends about is than sharing? Share this article with others and comment below if you have something to say.

What is Facebook recruiting