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Top Jobs Of The Future

future jobs

future jobs

It sure ain’t easy to figure out what you’re going to do for the rest of your life, no matter how old you are now. If you want to work a job that pays good money and proves to be safe in the next decade consider some of these occupations I’m about to write below. This is a list based on how much are these jobs expected to grow in future and how well is the payment. First on my list is developer of apps. Why that? Well, check out your hand. There’s a high chance you are holding smartphone. That is your answer, mobile technology is sky rocketing and there’s a big demand for developing all types of new apps, from music, news, social sharing and games. But not just apps for smartphones. Other similar jobs include system developers, who can either create programs for computers or even entire operating systems both for mobile devices and PC’s. Right now there are around 411,000 jobs in this field and by year 2025 is expected to grow about 20%. The expected salary for one year is around $103,083 dollars.

Next job on my list is nurse practitioner.  This job had a growth about 30% starting from 2005 till last year. The annual salary is around $98,000 dollars. For this type of work you will need a masters degree. Nurse practitioner are able to give almost same care as real doctors, including writing prescriptions for various medical things, performing checkups routinely and even work on their own. The number of nurse practitioners is going to rise rapidly about 2% by the year 2025. If you want to work in this field you will also need licence so you can practice this in private homes.

Another job that is projected to grow is computer system analyst. This type of work is expected to grow about 23% in the span of 10 years. We have to admit. With the type of technology that’s available this is world of nerds. Computerization is everywhere from cars, phones, even places. So the people who are running computers on a daily basis are placed very high when it comes to job demands. You can earn around $83,000 thousand dollars per year. Another job that’s growing is dental hygienist. People who are in the area of oral health have many reasons to smile. The annual salary for dental hygienists is around $75,00 thousand dollars. Over the 10 years, there will be growth not only in the field of dental hygienists but also dental assistants and dentists. Physical therapists are needed for taking care of the victims that have strokes and heart attacks so they need to lead them through the process of rehabilitation.

With the evolving technology and innovations in the field of medicine, more and more people will be able to survive and overcome traumas with rehabilitation services. Technology is improving rapidly, and who knows, maybe in not so distant future most of our jobs will be performed by robots.