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What’s Your Ideal Workplace

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What’s Your Ideal Workplace

When people find out their perfect environment that suits both their personality and working ethic, they will have much more fulfilled life and become more productive. During your job interview the chances are high that employer will ask you what would your ideal workplace be. The reason why they ask you this is because they want to make sure you are going to fit into their organization and job. Not all companies have same personalities so it’s very important to them to hire the right people. Many people are surprised when asked to describe what is their perfect workplace.  You can prepare yourself for question like this by going to webpage of company and making a good research. You need to be familiar with their business. When yo do your homework you will know if the company is large, medium or small in its size and here’s why is it important. Small companies are having under $150 million dollars in sales and less then 500 employed people. Medium companies have more then $150 but less then $750 and around 500 to 2,500 people. Large companies make bigger profit by far exceeding more then $750 million dollars just in sales and employing over 2,500 people.

Size matters in this case and it’s important to know this in order to understand how employers are managed and structured, and what’s even more important you will gain little insight into their daily challenges and problems and how you can contribute more to the success of their company. Small employers will expect loyalty from you. If you work for them be ready for more casual work environment, quick decision making and what’s important is that you will fit in since everybody knows each other. If you are working for medium company employees expect working long hours. You need to be flexible and prepare yourself for amount of chaos and confusion too. If working for large company is your goal, then you have to be more conscious about your image. Know that the culture is there diverse since there are more then 2,500 people. Companies that big are structured better with many layers of management.


Sometimes, it can happen that you get this question asked at the early stage of job interview. Because if you say something that is opposite of work environment of that company there is practically no reason for continuing anything. But, there are also people who are flexible enough to adapt to any type of working environment.  There are also many types of workplace, based upon which company you work for. Social environment seeks interaction between people and networking is almost a necessity. Realistic environment has more hands on type of work tasks. Artistic company seeks creative people where creativity is expected and even promoted. If you work in investigative environment expect to have priority placed on theories and much of the thinking part.

Avoid sounding too obvious or phony in your answers. The bad answer could be something like : ” I’m really exciting to work in environment like this company has ”. If you answer something like this you are not really discussing anything with employer, but just saying what you think managers likes to hear. Better way of saying should be that you would like to work for the company that deeply cares about environment and this is the reason why you are interested in having an opportunity. We all spend much of the time at our work so make sure you pick up the environment that suits you, this is critical. So when you apply for that job spend few moments to describe what is your perfect environment so employer can also make a decision.