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Top Jobs In 2016 – Choose The Best One For You

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Top Jobs In 2016- Choose The Best One For You

Although there is no perfect job that will suit everyone, there are some of them that are most required in year 2016. You should ask yourself which of the occupations are increase for demand and if it’s even worth of your invested time. Below is a list of jobs that I think have the most potential for future.

First on the list is software app developer. What you need for this is practical experience and bachelor’s degree. This is sure work for future as people are surrounded with software every second of lives. People who are constantly creating it are never going to loose their jobs and will even get more higher salaries. There’s a revolution in the mobile industry that is sure guarantee of stable and constant growth. This version of job is going to see around 23% of growth in next 5 to 10 years. If you join now, think of it as building the world of future. Expected salary for this job is around $90,000 dollars.

Next on the list is organizational psychologists. For this you will need master’s degree in psychology. Companies are starting to understand how important is the overall psychological state of their workers in business. Psychologists are testing and then selecting employees prescribing cognitive enhancers that will give them performance increase. In the next 10 years demand for this job will increase by 26%. Psychology is the hot thing, as people are always curious about how brain is working. People who have skills in this area will become even more necessary in the future. Expected salary for this job is around $80,000 dollars.

Third of most wanted job is personal financial adviser. This is probably one of many other growing occupations with fast speed. It’s expected that this job will grow about 30% in the span of next 10 years. Many people are not interested to go in specific details on how money is working and where is best to invest it. This means that people who can remove this burden are going to be growing demand. Expected salary for this job is around $68,000.

Next one is web designer. You need bachelors degree and little practical experience. Employment in this area will grow around 20% in next 10 years. Web design today is much more, then what it was, and if you are high professional you will have steady income and growth for your services. Salary is around $63,000.

Environmental engineer is also one of the highly requested jobs. The world we live in is each day more concerned with the problems of environmental nature. People who plan to work out and find new and better solutions for the benefit of whole world are going to have their place for decades. As I write, this job is expected for growing at least 15% by 10 years, but I think this number will grow even higher because of the attention that environment technologies are getting. Salary for this type of job is around $80.000.

People who are very concerned with their health are reach out to athletic trainers. This is another growing job. It will increase almost 30% in next 5 years. Salary is around $43.000. There you have it, there are more jobs of course but these are just some of them having one thing in common. Even though they can differ in lots of aspects, some are prestigious then other, they are all going to be highly demanded in the coming years and each of these jobs are great choice, if you’re still going to the school or thinking of changing your career.