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17 Awesome Jobs Around The World

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17 Awesome Jobs Around The World

If you are stuck with a boring job with the same schedule every day, you sure know the feeling of wanting to be somewhere else. When we were little, parents often asked us what job we want to work when we grow up. Many funny answers probably made our parents laugh, but many don’t know that most of those crazy answers actually exist and are considered as a fully professional jobs. So, here’s a list and description of each of them to see that crazy and awesome jobs across the planet for anyone who doesn’t believe they are real. One student from Birmingham City works their dream job, really. Her job is testing luxury beds for month and she gets paid for that. Her name is Roisin Madigan, 22 years old and is earning around 1,000 pounds for sleeping in custom designed beds, each day for whole month. She spends hours in company showroom where all the beds are and after that she blogs how good or bad the experience was.

Imagine you are living free from renting, while at the same time learning the secrets on how to make the perfect wine and sharing that experience and knowledge with others on social media or blogs. On top of that, imagine you are paid around 10 thousand dollars a month! This is what the job of Hardy Wallace from Atlanta looks like. He got a contract for 6 month period based on the submitted video on Youtube where he explained why he is good for getting job at Murphy Goode Winery.

If you are a gamer, you will like to hear this. There’s a job that requires you to test World Of Warcraft game. If you are playing it, and you think you are good you can apply for a job that million players can only dream about, but at one condition. You got to be able to hit 80 level under the time of 2 weeks.

In Japan, there are some weird jobs like rental boyfriend or professional pusher. If you have tons of money, finding boyfriend is really easy. Japan is a nation of hardworking people, so to make sure that each person doesn’t get late to work, they employed people in trains to push people out. There are also professional sleepers. I was actually quite surprised when hearing this. You are actually getting paid to just sleep. While you are sleeping scientists are researching and working on sleep disorders. This is probably one of most comfortable jobs.

The next job is bike rider and photographer for Google maps. Basically what you are doing is riding bike and snapping up pictures of sites that can’t be accessed by car.  You are equipped with computer, generation and GPS system. Bike riders are wearing white helmets and Google shirts visiting beautiful historical areas such as Chateau de Versailles or west of Paris.

If you like interior design you can apply for furniture tester. I think this is really cool job, as all you are required to do is sleep or sit on the specific furniture to see how much comfort it has. I hope you get some fun idea about what might your future job should be.