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Are You A Cyberstalker?

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In our society, Facebook is playing a big role. People share information about their daily lives and activities, sometimes they share something that is not appropriate, and everyone has access to it. Almost 90% of users are checking profiles of their ex boyfriends or girlfriends and even 70% are checking them through the account of mutual friend. But, lets first define who cyberstalker is. I’m not thinking about “Facebooking” or “Googling” someone that you’re gonna date next day or looking at the pics of your fiends. I’m talking about constant checking of someones profile each day, even looking at the old picture and following what is happening with him or her. It’s the desire to find out too much about individual, and honestly it’s little creepy. But, people can’t deny this as they love to watch what others are doing.

It comes to no surprise that tabloids and magazines are working so good. People like to know about someones else’s life. This is not really different in virtual world too. With much social platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook it practically became impossible not to know anything about someone. Social media have created curiosity in people and sometimes we go too far. Suddenly you are cyber talker without even realizing it. Individuals who are spending too much time on the internet are maybe struggling to have real relationship, so they fixate on other people.

Cyberstalkers can be depressed, suffering from stress or anxiety. They tend to be antisocial and pretty much isolated. People who spend too much time in front of a laptop can lose their touch with reality. Most of the cyberstalkers are males in their early twenties. When you start to upset another person that is when you know you’re going to far with activities online. When you start causing distress and fear with communication then you’re harassing someone and that is against law.

What makes you a cyberstalker?

So how can you check yourself if you are one of those? If you check FB profile from someone every day even when they don’t post anything new. Do you try to google your friends and find many pictures? Do you happen to analyse posts on their page and see who liked something and then check out who is that? If you just answered one question with yes, then I hate to say it but – you are cyberstalker. If you want to change this habit, stop doing it immediately. Maybe you will start to panic or even feel anxiety but don’t worry as you’re slowly going to withdraw from it.

Check with yourself why are you even engaging in activity like this, and what kind of a void are you filling in? Try to build up new habits, for example drink coffee when you wake up instead of immediately going to your PC turning it on and looking at the profile of your ex girlfriend. Every time you are not engaging in stalking on internet reward yourself with something. Use that time to accomplish something real in life and pursue your goals. Just remember that the moment you find yourself hiding something it can be a problem, when it’s hidden you have no boundaries and it’s not easy to control it.