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The Best and Worst Poker Hands That You Could Be Dealt

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What Kind Of Poker Hands Will Net You The Pot

Poker is one of the most beloved and widely enjoyed card games on the global gambling scene. Which is truly a testament to its enduring appeal and the many complex and nuanced reasons it is played and enjoyed.

Poker is unique when compared to other card games since it pits you against other players of varying skill levels instead of the dealer.

To do well at it, you’ll need to embrace everything from strategy and psychology to having luck of the draw on your side, as well as making well-placed bets; and this is only a part of why it is a staple found at online casinos and brick-and-mortar gaming halls.

While the game may seem intimidating given its many complex mechanisms and features, coupled with the overall odds and probabilities, it’s not that hard for beginners to grasp the basic rules and begin playing as they build up skill levels and confidence.

A key aspect of this is to understand the best and worst hands in poker. This is pretty fundamental for any player, from novices to seasoned professionals, as it becomes the foundation on which strategies are laid, and where money is either won or lost.

Why Learn the Best and the Worst Hands

the Best and the Worst Hands
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Poker hands are the cards dealt to players. And while there may be subtle differences in precise points based on the poker variant you play; the overall card rankings are universally recognized.

Both at the high-stakes tables found across the Las Vegas Casino strip, right through to video poker and the more informal online games at Grand Rush casino.

Since there is very little difference regarding hand values worldwide, knowing precisely which poker hands have the potential to allow you to win will have an impact on how you’ll approach the game based on what you are dealt.

What About Other Poker Skills

Poker Skills
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Part of poker’s appeal lies in the fact that while cards play a large role in determining winners, the game itself is a balance between skill and luck.

Unlike games of pure chance, poker allows players to influence the outcome through thoughtful strategy, and psychological manipulation.

After all, the best poker strategies have many components, which include hand selection, betting tactics, and the ability to read opponents.

This ability to read opponents, coupled with psychological aspects such as bluffing, spotting tells, and maintaining a poker face, are why players must constantly adapt their approach based on the unfolding dynamics of the game. Which is why it remains an engaging and intellectually stimulating experience.

The Best Hands

Before you can use other strategies in poker, you need to know the kinds of cards you can receive and how to build hands around them. It pays to learn about the best hands you can be dealt or build towards in poker.

Royal Flush

Royal Flush
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The best poker hand you could hope to achieve is the Royal Flush. It is a paragon of poker hands, and nothing can outshine it.

Understanding the hierarchy of hands and knowing when to hold, fold, or raise are crucial aspects of mastering how to play poker.

It is an unbeatable combination consisting of the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten, all found within the same suit (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades or Clubs).

The fact it so rarely comes up makes it quite the white whale to chase and adds to its allure. For some players, achieving this is a once-in-a-lifetime hand.

Straight Flush

The next best hand to hope for in poker is the Straight Flush. This consists of any five consecutive cards of the same suit.

It can only be beaten by someone who holds a Royal Flush, though if another player also has a Straight Flush, whoever wins is the one with the highest card in the sequence.

Four of a Kind

Four of a Kind
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A Four of a Kind hand is fun to try and attempt. This hand will have four cards of the same rank, accompanied by a kicker.

Its power in the game is quite significant, and unless a player has a straight or royal flush, the Four of a Kind hand will guarantee victory.

Full House

The Full House is a poker hand that includes the card combinations of two hands, a Three of a Kind and a Pair. If you draw this, you should know that the odds are likely that you’ll measure up well and beat most opponents.


Similar to the above, a Flush consists of five cards of the same suit, which are not in sequence. When comparing two hands that both produce flushes, the hand with the highest card wins.

The Worst Poker Hands

The Worst Poker Hands
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Just like knowing which hands will hold up well against opponents, it also pays to know which hands aren’t worth pursuing, but if it’s all you’ve got, it’s better than nothing.

High Card

Should you have not had the chance to attempt any kind of poker hand combination, or have failed to receive any complimentary cards within the hand you were trying, you’ll likely have to pick a High Card.

This is when your hands’ overall value is placed solely on whichever card you have that has the highest point values. In poker, this is the weakest possible hand.

One Pair

A singular pair consists of two cards that hold the same rank such as two fours, or two eights.

While One Pair is a common enough hand, it’s usually not strong enough to secure a win without having some kind of strategic play involved, or psychological aspects that could cause players to fold and leave you with the pot.

Two Pair

Two Pair hand
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A Two Pair hand, while much better than One Pair, will still fail to secure a win against more formidable hands.

An example of this is having two Jacks, two Nines, and a Two. If you’re stuck with it, you’ll have to play carefully and skillfully to leverage its potential.

Poker: A Game of Champions

Poker’s long history as a cornerstone of the gambling world is undeniable.

The game offers it all with strategic complexity, psychological components, and the adrenaline rush as things get heated.

Understanding the card hands’ hierarchy is imperative for anyone seeking to find any advantages that they can.