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TOP 5 Best applications for workout


We all know that we need to have a healthy life, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting in office chairs. Many times happens that your neck is stiffed, or your back hurts . Physical activity helps us to exercise our body. Let me help you and introduce you the best applications for workout.



Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute

Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute

The “7 Minute Workout” is a research-backed workout program that has become an international hit! Published in the leading research journal ACSM, and then popularized by the NYT, the “7 Minute Workout” is simple but effective.

Researchers have selected 12 exercises that are performed for 30 seconds with 10 second rest intervals. This high-intensity training with little rest results in higher daily metabolism and is the equivalent of working out for over an hour – for only slightly longer than 7 minutes.

The best part? The exercises are simple to perform, do not require any equipment, and therefore, can be done anywhere! This app takes this research-proven workout and guides you through the process. Further, it tracks your results, and makes it fun by allowing you to unlock rewards as you continue working out. You can download this app clicking on this link.

App features include:

– stunning design
– both male and female trainers that guide you by video, audio, image and text
– all content is INCLUDED (no additional charges, and no need for internet connectivity)
– track your weight with our weight tracker
– track your activity with our activity calendar
– workout and unlock various achievements
– support for Apple Watch




Need a little extra incentive to stick to your New Year’s resolution? You know, the one about eating less and exercising more?

Perhaps you’ve heard of GymPact, an app that rewards you for hitting the gym on a regular basis and charges you a fee if you don’t. Just in time for the new year, GymPact is now Pact, and it now applies its payment/penalty system to dietary goals as well. The app (Android|iOS) offers three different kinds of “pacts”: food, gym, and veggie. The food pact requires you to log your daily intake using the excellent MyFitnessPal, which now syncs directly with Pact.

With a veggie pact, you set a goal to eat a certain amount of fruits and vegetables per week. To verify each serving, you snap a photo with your phone before eating. (To help prevent cheating, photos are verified using a variety of criteria.) Finally, the gym pact works much like always, giving you credit for trips to the gym, bike rides of at least 30 minutes, a daily step count of at least 10,000, and so on.



Human is a newcomer in the crowded fitness space, but its take is different. Instead of being a stat-heavy activity app like RunKeeper or a life tracker gadget like Withings, Fitbit or Jawbone, Human is a passive iOS app designed to help you stay healthy.

The goal is to move for 30 minutes every day, and to keep up with this simple habit. The company calls it the ‘Daily 30′. As it is extremely simple, keeping up with Human is easier than with competitive fitness systems.


Rock my run

Rock my run

Rock My Run is a unique running app that combines high energy mixes specifically designed for people working out to make workouts more enjoyable. As they told us exclusively, “We found that people have a lot more fun, and we know from studies that this leads to improved performance.”

Music has the power to move us, and this app is an intelligent music center that matches your workout music to your to body movement. Rock My Run provides motivation for users to run both faster and longer. “The mission is to help people be more active by making their workouts more enjoyable.”

The way that the music adjustment works is that we are speeding tempo up or down, so it’s not switching songs in the playlist. It takes data from your device and dynamically changes the tempo, so it’s not just skipping to another song.

While Rock My Run can already improve your current workouts, they are also in the process of expanding and reorganizing the music library to better serve users, so they are constantly working toward making the app even better.

This app is perfect for both males and female that are sick of music offerings and are bored and/or annoyed with having to maintain their own playlists.

Instant Hearth Rate

Instant Hearth Rate

Your heart rate, or pulse, is the number of times your heart beats per minute. Normal heart rate varies from person to person. Knowing yours can be an important heart-health gauge. But why?
Knowing about your heart rate can help you monitor your fitness level and it might even help you spot developing health problems.

The Instant Heart Rate app uses the camera on your smartphone to detect the pulse from your fingertip. The app will beep with your pulse and real-time chart will show you every heart beat, just like in an ER! Place the tip of your index finger on phone’s camera and in a couple of seconds your Heart Rate will be shown. A real-time chart will show your every heart beat. It uses your phones built-in camera to track color changes on the fingertip that are directly linked to your pulse. This is the same technique that medical pulse oximeters use.

Now you have a chance to track your fitness and health every-time with just your phone.
Your resting heart rate gives you a view into your hearts fitness. The fitter you get the lower your heart rate will be.

Let us know what are yours best applications for workout

In my selection of the best applications for exercise, I choose Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute. Why? Even when I do not have time to exercise, I know I can always single out 7 minutes to train. However, this app is a great option for a quick vacation or travel workout. I was pleased with the level of quality on the videos, movements, and the app itself.