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The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Guide

guide to facebook advertising

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Facebook has probably become one of most powerful platforms for advertising on web. Many people will say that advertising on Facebook is not a good idea, but that’s not correct. If money is being lost with Facebook advertising why are there more then 1 million Facebook advertisers that are spending huge $8 billion dollars on ads? There has to be a good reason since Facebook advertising has grown almost a whopping 700% since the year 2010. I think the numbers are telling clearly, more and more businesses are advertising on Facebook. Growth is happening and for the most simple reason, advertising on Facebook is working. There are almost 2 billion people using Facebook with 1000 million views each day. When you are advertising on Facebook, you don’t need to care what the users are searching for. Cause all that matters on Facebook who they are. So you are targeting not keywords but real people with hobbies, interests and jobs. Facebook advertising is by no means easy, and if you are looking to save some hard-earned money then it’s always better to outsource these tasks to professionals who know their work, like the experts from the AIAD company.

Advertising in few steps

Facebook has a big choice of options for paid ad and placements. Ads can be separated in 3 categories. Campaigns, ads and ad sets. Facebook has 2 tools for creating ads and they are Power Editor and Ads Manager. To decide which of these is gonna fit you better, you have to consider the size of your company and ad number that you’re planning to run at once. Power editor is more of a tool for bigger advertisers which are searching for precise control and not a variety of campaigns. Ads Manager can suit most of the companies. But first, you have to setup billing information, and also Facebook will require payment valid method. Its not that hard. First you’re going to access Ad account settings. As you may know, every account on Facebook has unique ID. Then you will fill all information that’s required, check multiple times for accuracy as this info is used for billing purposes. Info you fill, is not changeable later so be very careful.

Next step is adding your first credit card to your account. If you start advertising more on Facebook I would suggest adding another method of paying. You can be sure then because if you reach the monthly limit with one card or that card gets blocked for some reason, you will still deliver advertising for customers. You can choose between Paypal or Credit card. When you start to earn more and spend more, Facebook will allow you different payment terms. Advertising account on Facebook will still have its limits, whether you like this or not. This should not bother you much but it’s good to know them before you begin. Facebook allows 5,000 non deleted ads per one ad account, 24 ad accounts per one user, 25 users per one account and 1000 non-deleted campaigns per one account. There is also other limit, which is in total control of yours. It’s the spending limit for your account. But there’s no reason for you to set it anyway. How you create your ad totally depends on the final object you want to achieve.

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Setting up your goals

Through the period of time, Facebook has adjusted their offer of adverts so they can better suit the user needs. There’s a type of ad for any campaign objective. One of common goals of Facebook ads is driving traffic to your webpage. Increasing of traffic is important for sending people to your page and having then buy product, engage in other type of business or sign up for newsletter. Before you spend any money on creating ads, it’s important to set up your goals. You can choose from options such as: getting more likes for your Facebook page, more clicks or leads for webpage, improving the engagement of posts, promoting offer or even or usage or installs for mobile or Facebook application. After you choose the goal of ads, next step is designing your ad. It’s really important. Test at least few of different pictures so you can see which one is the most effective. You can choose from 3 choices from where your ads will be visible. News feed, mobile and the right column. Try all of them cause you’ll never know which one is the best without trying.

You would want to define what’s your audience so you can know who you’re targeting. Age, location and gender is important. Do you want to appeal more to young families, retired people or teenagers? You can choose any range. Picking the right budget for your campaign is one of key moves for success. Don’t forget that you are selecting budget for specific ads and not entire campaign. So if you create 2 sets of ads and add $100 dollars of budget for each, campaign will be spending $200 dollars in total.

You can choose total budget you want to spend or decide daily budget. It’s really your decision. The campaign frequency is one of if not the most important metrics that you need to monitor. It will tell you how many times unique users have seen ads on your Facebook. Facebook has so much opportunities to offer. So don’t waste your time and start creating own Facebook ads. In marketing online, there’s no single winning formula so learn from your mistakes. You need to apply what you already learned and just keep on with the testings. Each of businesses is different. It’s only you who really knows who your customers are, and how effectively business works.