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The Ultimate Guide for Law Firm SEO

SEO Benefits

Is your law firm in need of organic traffic from Google search? Unlike other services, people only look for attorneys online when needed. There are many practicing lawyers making this a competitive niche.

To stay on top of the game, SEO for lawyers is essential in every law firm. If prospective clients can easily find your website, your firm will stand out.

When you are looking for something online, you enter a search query. The search engine will rank the highest-quality answers at the top of the page. Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that helps your site to be ranked as high as possible in the list. Many people search queries with the keywords such as attorneys, law firms, solicitors, or law firms. If you have a website that has the answers to such queries, your site will get the following:

When people need legal services, they usually look for law firms operating near them. If your site has the information searched for by prospective clients, gets positive reviews, and provides evidence of competence and professionality, your firm will most likely attract more clients. Large companies can use SEO to promote the reputation of the firm, find new clients, and show their expertise.

The purpose of law firm SEO

  • Confirm the law firm’s expertise
  • Manage their reputation
  • Local promotion
  • Keyword promotion

Which elements should you include in your advertisement strategy?

  • Content optimization
  • Google my business
  • Technical SEO
  • Link building
  • List of services offered. Keyword research
  • Keyword research
  • Online reputation management
  • Structured data

What factors should you consider before choosing SEO for lawyers?

1. The number of current clients

Look at the firm’s portfolio to identify its current clientele. The firm’s portfolio will inform you about:

  • Clientele diversity
  • The firm’s SEO practices
  • Niche-specific experience

Find out if the firm has worked with clients from your legal niche or if their portfolio is diverse.

2. Customized SEO services

The SEO needs of each law firm is unique because the projects are not the same. The SEO strategy created should be customized to meet your needs. Help the SEO agency to understand your needs by being clear and upfront. Ensure they are willing to go the extra mile to improve your online presence.

3. Track record

Source: wolfpackadvising.com

SEO for law firms is highly competitive. It is a competition for a law firm to get highly-ranked search terms. The SEO agency should have a few clients ranked on the first page of the search results.

4. Communicate with their clients

When you talk to their former and current clients, you will understand their team, SEO practices, value system, and company culture. Ask a former client why they discontinued the services of the agency.


Large companies and local firms need SEO to be ranked highly in the search engine. To be successful in the legal business, the firm’s website should be high-quality. When searching for lawyers, people rarely go beyond the first page of the search results. Get more traffic to your page and increase your ranking in the search engine by using SEO to promote your firm’s website. In a law firm, the purpose of SEO includes keyword promotion, local promotion, reputation management, and showcasing the firm’s expertise.