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Youtube Advertising Tips

YouTube is probably the second biggest, after Google of course. Knowing this, you have to think of including YouTube advertising in your digital strategy for marketing. There are many methods and different ways to advertise. AdWords had launched TrueView, which is accessible and effective way for users to advertise. YouTube will benefit you highly, especially if you plan to increase awareness of your brand.

There are few kinds of YouTube advertising options that you can choose. Let’s break it into 4 types. Let’s start with first one which is In-Stream. Those ads are playing during another video or after one video from YouTube partners. User can skip ads after 5 seconds. If they watch 30 seconds or more then you will pay. You are probably familiar with In-Stream ads as you saw them when you’re watching YouTube videos.

Next type of ads is In-Slate. They are shown at the beginning of YouTube videos. If you are doing these type of ads you can choose 3 different ads. If users don’t watch the video you don’t need to pay, only if they see the full one. There are also In-Search type of ads. They are similar to AdWords textual ads and they are appearing when user is searching through YouTube. These ads are placed at right side and top of the page of video results. Like all other ads, you pay for them too only when users choose to see them. The last ones are In-Display ads. They are different from all other types of YouTube ads. This is because they are not serving your ads on YouTube page. In-Display ads can appear on other websites that are being part of Google Display Network, and not just on YouTube. When you advertise, you can choose on which platform you want to display your ads whether it’s on laptops, tablets, standard desktop PC or mobile phones.

So how can you create ads on YouTube? Well, they don’t have to be high tech. You can make them even with your phone’s camera. I recommend using at least tripod to keep your camera steady. Think about your audience, and the problem your service and product is going to solve for them. To be honest, videos that are most successful on YouTube have little bit of planning behind, like a script or just a basic story. Focus on thinking how your video will look once you edit it. When you finish your video include call to action at the end of it. Something like: “if you want to find out more information, visit our website”.

You can include testimonials too. Make videos of your customers when they talk about experience of buying your product or using service. Talk about how your company started and what are its values, speak about business in general. Make demonstrations of your products.

Anyway, what is most important is to continue to optimize and analyse your account so you can target right audience and be creative and effective with ads as much as it’s possible. YouTube is really cost effective and self serving platform which is easy to use and set up.