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A Guide to Instagram Advertising


Era of Instagram advertising has began! Find out what you need to know about advertising on the social network to reach the audience. Instagram has welcomed its fifth birthday with 400 million monthly active users, which is of course also become a desirable place for advertisers.

First of all it should be noted that Instagram is directed toward the four goals, and there are four types of ads:

  • Increasing the number of visits to web sites
  • Increasing the number of video views
  • Branding company, product or service
  • Increasing the number of installations of applications for smart devices

No matter what you want to achieve with your ad, it is important to know that the campaigns are fully managed via Facebook’s interface for ad management. This basically means that the ads can ne precisely segmented by location, demographic characteristics, interests, behavior and many other features.

As far as the ad format itself, there are opportunities very similar to those on Facebook. The available formats include video, image and carousel ads. Anyway, the interesting times for advertising on Instagram are forthcoming, the platform that by number of users has surpassed Twitter and providing the opportunity to present in a creative environment with an extremely interested audience. Be among the first to take advantage of all the opportunities that Instagram offers today and get a competitive advantage in the market. If you are planning to begin with Instagram advertising, you shouldn’t miss this infographic below: