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10 Ways Automated Email Can WOW Your Customers

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Automated emails are the last trend in email marketing. Allows you to send emails (newsletters) to users at certain times when users take concrete actions / activities ie., when activated by one of the trigger. It can be one or a series of email messages that are sent one by one according to predefined workflows.

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Why you should use email marketing?

  • It’s effective because people want to receive it, they gave permission for it.
  • Inexpensive – saving time and money (Event-triggered automated emails can save 80% of the direct mail budget).
  • Consistent branding – with a series of standardized email messages you build a brand and create image.
  • Engagement and retention – email is perfect for maintaining constant contact with your customers and create engagement.
  • Segmentation (gender, age, location, …) – You can segment your message to smaller, more targeted groups.
  • Measurable – You can keep track of almost everything on the basis of statistics to improve your future emails.

automated emails advantages

When you should use automated emails?

  • When someone subscribes to your newsletters. Automatically send welcome email.
  • The series of emails which can hold online seminars, sending the tips and tricks on using your products or services.
  • You can send them a birthday card or some anniversary with a coupon with which they get discount.
  • When customer click on any of the links or when download some materials from your Web, you can activate the “trigger” which then sends automated emails.
  • Follow up email when someone make purchases at the online store or send query via the contact form on the web.
  • After completing the survey.
  • When someone subscribes to the blog
  • When you have some inactive contacts who do not open your newsletters for longer period, you can send coupon rates to animate and engage them.
  • After the event, such as a webinar, conference, seminar.
  • Ecommerce – when the customer leaves the cart and don’t finish the purchase.
  • You can send automated emails to customers who have made a purchase with you, or are inactive for a long time and didn’t buy anything new. It’s the opportunity for cross-sell / up sell.
  • Based on the trigger that you define yourself.

An example of workflow

automated emails workflow


  • Use email marketing because it is extremely effective and measurable.
  • Do not buy a mailing list – build your. Purchasing base (mailing lists) is illegal and sending email messages to this email addresses is spam.
  • Use A / B testing and test certain elements such as the Subject line, From name, Content, Send Time.
  • Use segmentation in email marketing campaigns.
  • Use automated emails because it is the latest trend in email marketing.