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The Psychology Behind Developing Brand Loyalty

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Brands that are effective have a really strong identity that people can relate to. Companies which understand psychology of branding on a deep level so they have to develop certain abilities to be able to mentally connect with customers. There’s an opinion that you need to have regular engagement and contact with your customers, but that is actually not entirely true.  The truth is that most people simply don’t care how much you’re interacting with them. Companies that want to understand what’s the real secret sauce behind creating strong brand have to look into 5 key dimensions. Excitement, competence, ruggedness, sophistication and sincerity. Each of those dimensions are shaping personality of brand depending what kind of image is being publicly projected. For example, business that wants to project being sincere has to look genuine and honest in their campaigns for marketing to earn some trust. The feeling of excitement can be drummed through imaginative ads, daring tactics and technologies that are up to date. Sophistication can be possible through communicating with charming ambassadors and glamorous events.

So how could you change the behavior of consumers? There’s an effective way with 7 steps leading you to achieving that goal. First of the steps is that you have to stop the old pattern of business and make new ones. Create that kind of comfort so that consumers will like the change. You have to be imaginative and if someone doubts your brand you need to have answers for them. One of most interesting strategies for psychology in branding is through the use of color. Color can increase appeal of brand. Different colors means different ideas, so when someone designs product he needs to keep this in mind. The perception of people plays important role in feeling the personality of brand. So make sure that colors are aligned in a sense that they help business to send messages it wants to convey. The choosing of words has to be careful. Names of products bust be put through consultations and dissections before they are completed. Consumers will turn to the names which sound more premium and expensive then the rest of the competition. This is because of the perception of sophistication.

Loyalty of customers really pays off. Just think of Starbucks Ford or Apple company as they are all rated being number one in their own categories. They are known for studying concepts work in practice. For instance Apple has great colour branding which evokes in people the feeling of elegance, cleanliness and simlicity. When you see product from Apple you know it’s a symbol of advanced and luxurious technology. Users that are having iPhone for longer periods of time can’t think of shifting to other mobile brand. They are just replacing iPhone with newest version from same line.  Ford is also one of most respected brands of auto industry in America alone. What really stands out from Ford is its slogan which is ” Built Tough ”. They are known for building rugged vehicles. This gives consumers feeling of security and safety

There is very known rule which says that actions are speaking louder than words. So, take extra caution of what your brand is doing because it can leave big effect on people, more than words they can hear. Any disconnection from your original idea and vision could be seen as not enough sincerity. Really great brands should speak for themselves through interacting with customers. We are living in age of social networks and this is expected. If you are running a business and want to increase loyalty of your brand you need to fulfill the plans and think of how your brand will inspire audience to the point when they become loyal.