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The Psychology of Trust in Marketing

trust in marketing

Most companies focus on maximizing traffic to their site because they think that if more people come to the site – it will be a larger number of customers. So, they spend money on more expensive Google ads, Facebook ads, but do not get the desired results.

Advertisers need to be more focused to convert existing traffic to the site, make site more efficient and better understand visitors. How to build trust and authority with visitors is one of the key things in business on the Internet. This is something that you definitely need to achieve if you think to succeed on the Internet. It is a quite demanding process that can and will take some time. In infographic below you can check how to earn trust of your customers and how to keep it:

The Psychology of Trust in Marketing

Various companies and organizations have their own pages and profiles on social networks, but only some of them manage to build a relationship based on trust and credibility. When there are problems, some react coldly and without emotion is not seeking to make the more intimate way to help its customers.

Communication like: “Hello, we would like to inform you …” “In accordance with the rules …” “To our knowledge …” no longer passes and all is one old-fashioned community talk that is repeated day after day . People are outraged when they are deceived by their money, looking for an apology, a new product or service, a sign of attention and the like.

But what they get? Cold corporate responses. So it would be good to keep some tips to make your online community continues to be a favorite brand or company.

  • Use a familiarity and understanding in your communication – call your customer by his name, highlight how you will immediately see what the problem is, ask him personal contact, call him personally to tell him and show that you care
  • Organize an event to which you invite members of your online community – it would be great if you organize a meeting of your most active members on social networks. Organize a party for them, give them presents, do group shots and all share it on social networks. This way you will gain the trust in the eyes of the people because they will see that you care for customers, and you’ll give them impression of friendly corporation.
  • Listen to online community – listen carefully what online community wants to tell you. Maybe in their thinking is hiding a new idea or innovation that would be a big hit in the market.

It is difficult to build trust, but very easy to ruin it. Remember this…