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The Evolution Of The Selfie

Evolution of the Selfie Infographic

evolution of selfie

Selfies are everywhere now a common thing. It’s really fascinating to see the trend itself since its beginnings. Early versions of selfies usually evolved from pictures you took of yourself from mirror, except it was with a flash and looked very poor and lame. Selfies that were dominating the scene were the ones that were by someone who was capable of holding camera steady in air and capturing the image of self or with more people. What really set the stage for selfies was new technology. This began when iPhone 4 was released by Apple with front faced camera which gave us total control over shooting our face. But iPhone was just the beginning. As smartphone technology was becoming more dominating and demanding people started to create phones that had ultra wide lenses being waterproof in case you want to take picture underwater.

What really popularized selfies even more are the social networks. From Twitter, Snapchat to Facebook, every website or app is familiar with the culture of selfie. People like to tag, comment or like photos, and this is also a way of connecting with someone. We can also create collage of many selfies if one expression is not enough, or create nice artistic photos using filters on Instagram. Selfie trend is becoming worldwide and taking pictures of yourself is most popular in Asia and North America. People do it anytime, anywhere for anything. Sometimes, people can take selfies too much which brings the concern of being obsessive with yourself. Some say and perceive it as narcissistic while other look it as a way of harmless self expression.

Today you practically can’t go anywhere without seeing that someone is taking selfie. There are lots of theories about the inner meaning of it. Whether they represent mere information, insanity, lack of self esteem or maybe even cry for a help. It is very known that females are the ones who will fall into never ending pit of taking selfies, when compared to male population. What’s now very popular are selfie sticks. People will use it to get that special selfie in a large group. There is no real end in sight of this phenomenon.

I think people should turn off their smartphone, get some real friends and back away from world wide web for a while. Make your real life much more exciting that what it seems online.