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psychology of web design

Having a greatly designed webpage means so much more than just delivering and making a good looking content. When people are going to your website for the first time they will produce some feelings that they get from your business and website. People really don’t take the time to learn about how psychological principles can have an impact on experience of visitors to your website. They usually think it’s complicated or unnecessary but actually it’s neither. Most of basic concepts of psychology are easy to learn and implement. If you implement and consider design psychology in your process, you will have positive effective results. You are already on a right path into creating webpage that will attract large audience, if you start to think about your visitors and what they want. Good psychology will help you to interact with visitors, and they referring you to their friends or buying your products.

Trust doesn’t come easy, and if you want your visitors to do what you want them to do, you have to build a good trust. Think of someone that rarely uses internet or actually has any idea how it works. They will be suspicious to the person who is asking them to give out their personal information no matter how much recommended or trustworthy that webpage is. So you can use this to appeal better with your website to average user. If you are businessmen you could probably ignore this for completing online deals but remember that for your clients internet could be scary big black hole where their information goes.

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When people go to your website, some of the things should be visible right away. If not, they will start to think they ended up in some wasteland that doesn’t make any sense. So focus on 2 of the biggest things visitors are looking for. Your webpage should have a purpose and a good navigation. Content is the force that drives design on screen. People come to your website to get information they need, and your webpage design is going to help them find it easily and quickly. On top of general stuff your visitors can expect to find on a website, there are things you can implement that will associate someone to your company. Focus on getting the colors right, even with promotional materials offline. Same method goes for logo of company, because surprising number of companies are not having consistency between offline and online marketing efforts.

Your page should have what it’s called breathing room or white space. If people come to your page and it’s cluttered with all kinds of content they are going to feel claustrophobic and chaotic, this will left them with a feeling that they don’t know where to start and in the end totally skip your webpage. So allow having some of negative spaces in your webpage, so that your visitors can know where to focus. Psychology of web design is something that each of designers should focus on learning and knowing more about so that they can implement in in their work. This could mean so much for effect and impact of your design. Your clients will be happy, it isn’t so difficult and doesn’t require too much time, so you really don’t have a single excuse to make, for not taking at least some of these advices and putting them in practice.