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5 Ways To Make Your Content More Appealing

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Have you even thought about what is important when it comes to content quality? The originality of your ideas and depth and research behind content really matter. But there are many other elements that will define factors what makes content really good. It takes lot more than just figures and facts to obtain a customer. One study has revealed that 38% of people who come to website will immediately bounce back off from there not interacting with site at all. So, what is the real trick behind engaging customers and making them read your content? You need to stop trying sounding too smart. If you want to sound too intelligent the content you wrote could seem confusing to your visitors and they will ask themselves what the heck are you talking about. So, avoid words that everyone would need dictionary to understand and impress them with expertise, copywriting hacks tips and good research.

When you write content focus on removing pleonasms. Those are words that can be removed from sentence but still not changing the actual meaning of it. If you are one of those individuals that likes to follow the rules, then consider this. When you write sentence make sure it’s no more then 16 words longer. Sometimes less is more. Make sure that want you want to convey in your content is crystal clear. Don’t force the text and write something that you didn’t research enough or it will sound like you have no idea what you’re even taking about. Or even worse if you write content on blog and when you finish text you don’t even know the point of it. Never start to write content without having clear result in your head. Your text could change throughout half of writing but still make sure you edit it all good.

Put humor in your business, create funny custom meme, amusing headline or some cheesy jokes. It’s really hard to appeal to everybody but still try to accommodate 3 segments that will form audience that is ideal. There are visitors who will just check what kind of visual captions and content you have and then bounce off. Then, you have true readers that are absorbing almost every word from you. Then there are skimmers, and they are by far the largest segment. They usually check out headers section and paragraphs.

Your goal is to push and try to appeal to each of those 3 segments. Customize your content so that you can convey your message. Take lots of time to edit all so that even your best readers will not notice flaws.  If you can’t make effective content that will appeal broader, don’t worry. Shut down your laptop, and record yourself on how you’re talking about something that you seem passionate. There’s no secret or special degree for capturing passion tone and energy, even the most brilliant marketers will tell you this.