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Video Marketing Statistics


We want to take out a few key elements that can inspire, and refer you to create videos for your company.

Why video marketing?

Create interesting or useful video, gain confidence and increase interaction!

  • The video is interesting to look at, especially if the topic is “how to do something.” The viewer can see the benefits of product or service and evaluate its method of use, appearance, size and other
  • The viewer can replay video as much as he wants
  • Video is easier to remember more than some plain text, it enables image and sound
  • Video is more shareable and consumed in relation to other forms of content

Exactly this advantages point to the possibilities of video and fulfill your marketing goals!

Advertise your video, use it on a web page or social networks

  • Each video you create can be in shorter form published as an advertisement in one of most usable networks (Facebook and YouTube)
  • This ad makes your brand more attractive because of the amount of potential customers on social networks thus positioning you directly in front of their “eyes”. So the scope is huge.
  • Video ad can trigger and take a potential customer to your website.
  • The series of videos will affect your overall marketing concept and position you ahead of the competition.

How to tell “does it really works”?

Your video content on the YouTube channel have an analytical overview and statistics containing indicators such as how many users view video organically, and how paid, which are the most watched parts of the video, after how many seconds the interest of viewers is “falling”, etc. Therefore, future videos you can create according to the statistics that are collected from the past. Track interaction (division, likes, comments ..) to video content on other channels on social networks.

Below you can check some video marketing statistics:

video marketing stats