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Why Video Must Be Part Of Your Marketing In 2016

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Marketing is taken by videos like a storm. Consider this, Youtube is second biggest search engine in the world. Video marketing is on the rise with full potential, but you will have to do much more then just make one to succed. Videos are transforming to be great and effective tool for marketing. More and more companies are starting to understand how videos are playing almost a key role in their business. It’s a great way to capture someones attention and delivering your message that will stay in their minds. Let’s talk about some statistics so you can get the point how video marketing is important. Almost 60% of senior executives choose to watch videos instead of reading text. If marketers are sending video in email along with text, there’s a 200%-300% bigger clicking rate. Average users online are spending almost 90%  more of the time if they are visiting website with videos on it. There’s a 64% more chance that people will buy some products after watching the video of it.

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Small business companies that are not including videos as a marketing strategy are missing out because videos can help people satisfy their entertainment and craving for information. I want to talk about some key features of video marketing in 2016. First of all if you are including videos in your business there is no doubt that it will improve your SEO. It will increase your chances to be found in search results by 55 times. Videos in general have proven to be tool for increasing the attention of potential consumers, capturing those moments is very important. You already heard how visual content is so great for getting engagements. Just remember that people will much more likely engage, share and comment on videos rather then commenting social posts or blogs. Videos are mostly used for building awareness of brand (52%), lead generation (45%) and engagement online ( 42%).

Technology is starting to favor videos more then even, just look at Facebook and their auto play for videos. Links or status updates are no match for video on your news feed. When you are thinking of creating content, remember that at least 65% of audience watches ¾ of videos, that is much more then reading text. If you have a good message to spread out, video must be your best choice. You probably say how sending emails has no effect on customers, but did you even thought of including video in it? Emails are going to be so much effective if you do this. Creating amazing videos that will perform well on market could cost you thousands of dollars, and if you are not good with the skills you can hire professional companies like GoAnimate, Video MakerFX or Sellamations. For them making videos is easy like writing a blog.

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Video is also most powerful tool to evoke people’s emotions. It is because it includes more content then just face expressions, tone of someones voice, music or text. Honestly, whats the better way to increase customers conversions. Researches has stated that 71 % of marketers said that video outshines all the rest of marketing content, so what’s more to say? There are many reasons for including video in your marketing and you just can’t ignore it any longer. So, try to be creative and build strategy around videos, then it will not just be content marketing of future but also future of marketing for you.