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Streaming Loud And Clear- How To Boost Your Youtube Rankings


Streaming Loud And Clear- How To Boost Your Youtube Rankings

If you want to stream on YouTube, be aware that there’s a large number of different factors that will play crucial role in molding your campaign on YouTube. Whatever your idea is, and whatever you think it’s right to do for your company or brand, in the end it will all come down on your YouTube rank. If you are a marketer, and you want to engage customers, video content is one of key strategies you can pull off. People can create beautiful videos to promote their business or highly upcoming product, but they are confused when it comes to breaking through all the competition. If you invest all your hard work into the video it sure is important to make your video be seen. Well, don’t start to sweat still because I’m going to talk about some good rules for YouTube, so you can boost yourself up in the rankings and even extend the reach of your video far more than just YouTube.

Video is now the thing. Almost one third of online activity is about videos. They can increase someones understanding of service or product by 74%. That’s a lot, and to be honest when I decide to purchase something online, I always go to YouTube to check the unboxing video of product to actually see how it looks right from the package. Also, almost 80% users are visiting webpages of market after seeing video of service or product. The first golden rule that you always have to keep in mind is using video keywords! These types of keywords will give you an advantage in the start on search engine result pages. This leads me to second golden rule. When you’re writing channel description, it is always a better idea to write longer, make it at least 100 to 300 words long. Gold rule number 3 is to use SEO in your YouTube playlist too. This means creating new playlist for every 10th video you upload. Be consistent with new videos and engaged, interacting with users.

The quality of the video is also important. Since we are in the tech era don’t upload videos of low quality. It has to be at least , but the best option is 720 p or 1080 p as that is considered as HD. When you are publishing videos you should track total video views, total channel views, number of comments (negative vs. positive) and what’s the most important reaction of the audience. In every video you uploaded include calls to action. Ask people to like video positively or negatively and if they are satisfied with your service or product to subscribe to your channel.

This leads me to the final golden rule, which says that you should always know from where to funnel traffic. You can share videos on many other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, but also on Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg And Google+. This will further improve the strength of your video. If you have website, always link videos from YouTube channel there. Why? Because your page is 50 times more likely to appear on search engine’s first pages if it has videos. Also, when you’re sending emails always put links on your newest video under the signature. This is important as it can improve click rate by a big 96 %. These are some of my advices and I hope you will start to stream loud and clear following them.